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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cavolfiore con Uovo-{Cauliflower in Egg Batter}

Hi Friends,
I've been wanting to do a blog post and go around commenting for the past two weeks now. I'm feeling much better now, no sciatica pain...battled a bad flu since that time as well. Your thoughtful comments have meant so much to me to know I have you as my friends...and not just 'readers' as quite a few bloggers refer to other bloggers, and I have actually discovered the reason 'why'!

 While I was checking sources for recipes on Pinterest, I have bookmarked several sights with the most amazing photos and recipes but unfortunately these bloggers have only a few commenters for their lovely posts...and it really is sad. Maybe they're not reaching out for more viewers or have their blog in the research engines or RSS feeds. Don't know and...just wondering!

Until now, I just haven't had the strength emotionally and spiritually; even though I made two amazing appetizer dishes in the one month anniversary of Rosario's passing.These two appetizers were his all time favorites which he made throughout the years and even for this last Christmas...which we are all still wondering how in the world he made it when he was so gravely ill.

I have missed you all, SO very much! Thank you for all your loving and caring condolences, your thoughts and prayers which helped tremendously. As far as my blog, all I have been doing all these weeks lately, is pinning on Pinterest for hours at a time (guilty!) Just can't resist finding beautiful fashions, colors, and of course FOODS! Especially now, with Valentine's day in a couple days.

Today is President Abraham Lincoln's Birthday...what a GREAT man HE was!  Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and Thursday is VALENTINE'S DAY! Oh, and I did forget...which you all know by now, Pope Benedict resigned?!

Our world sure is changing...hopefully for the better, although not so sure about our crazy weather in the north east with the famous NEMO snow blizzard. Hope that some of you that are living in the north east have been safe and been able to climb out of all the snow piles.

I am so happy to be back after near month break and promise to stay in touch and visit...visit...visit all you sweet, dear friends! Thank you for all you caring support from me and my children, Lora and Joe! xoxo

Cauliflower is one of my all-time favorite vegetables...even more than, broccoli. Love the mild flavor all it's own. Love the crunchy flavor raw, roasted, steamed, in soups especially. Also is so good 'pickled' and dipped in egg batter and fried in fresh canola oil...just can't resist eating only one. This recipe which is totally 'handed down' for years, and will stay a 'staple' holiday, or special occasion appetizer in our family.

Cavolfiore con Uovo
Cauliflower with Egg Batter
recipe; handed down from the Pregadio family, 
(with slight adaptation)

1 large cauliflower
2 cups flour
1 cup canola oil (for frying, or more if needed)
3 eggs well beaten
salt and pepper to taste
paprika, to sprinkle on (optional)
Cut cauliflower in half, and then in large chunks.
Boil until al not overcook.

When cooked strain in colander, rinse with cold water in kitchen sink.

Cut in portion size shown in photo.

In a large bowl, add the flower and the seasoning and add the cauliflower pieces. Incorporate the pieces real well so that they are all coated well.

With a tong, dip no more than three pieces at at time in the eggs. (if you need more eggs beat a couple more, just do not add water to the egg batter)

In a large cast iron, or heavy skillet, fry until golden...just do not crowd the pieces, or they will not fry properly.

Fry in hot oil until they're golden brown...

Drain on double folded paper towel, and assemble them unto a pretty serving platter.

You can serve them with your favorite dipping sauce, which I did not include in this recipe; there are so many amazing ones out there.

This is the most favorite appetizer of to the Eggplant appetizer (sneak preview) for next post! The Eggplant appetizer is a roasted eggplant cut up in chunks and scooped pieces with fresh garlic, crushed red pepperrs, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and capers. A re-created recipe by me from the original Caponata...minus the tomatoes, olives, and the celery.

As for my Pinterest mania...this is where the FUN comes in! You collect your favorite things on your pin board, and if you're lucky enough to find the source where it came from, you will also get the recipe. For Valentine's I have a special board called 'my funny Valentine' which really is a name of a song I love so much.

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous festive cake for Valentine?. Well, this tops them all!
I did not see this pinned on Pinterest...but the Valentine's wish was on Pinterest. Checked the source, and it came from;

Isn't Pinterest the greatest? You can get so hooked on it, and get lost for hours at a time! Hugs,

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