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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hungarian Mushroom Soup...

I couldn't decide what to post for a much overdue post for Sunday! Should I post a 'Silent Sunday' random photo...and call it a day?
...or should I just let Sunday slide, and wait till my previous post is 1 week old; as I have been dealing with this for the last few months?
...or, just do a random post on my latest photos of one of my self-created favorite Hungarian comfort soup that I've been eating since childhood?
Well, the answer is YES...and more!

As you can see, I changed my profile photo back to the one I took this summer...prior to my skin cancer surgery on my forehead. I did post a recent one, which you will find on my facebook profile page...which I will also be removing. When examining the photo up close, you can see the scars of my skin cancer surgery from last month.

Also, I've had a more recent skin cancer surgery nearly one week ago on top of my head...BASAL-CELL CARCINOMA. Unfortunately, this particular one, I've been putting it off for several months now...but, that did not solve anything, only made it worse; having the cancerous mole spreading wider, and deeper. I went through a 3 hour gruesome painful procedure, they had to keep cutting it deeper and wider...three 30 minute waiting time...each time having the biopsy after each procedure and going back to getting the cancerous tissue cleared up. (Vanity is not an option) do, what you have to do!...its a matter of saving your own life!

As for stitching up the wound...yet, I had to go to another facility by our local hospital, to have it stitched up, which was another 2 hour waiting, and treatment. Thanks to my sweet and patient 'one-and-only lovely and caring daughter, Lora)...I don't know what I would have done without her. She not only had to drop off two of her children (my grandchildren) ...on the way to school, early morning; but drove me straight to have the outpatient surgery, and wait with me for 5 hours.

Anyway...enough said: Even though doctors claim that I have Easter European, which is highly sensitive to the bright Florida sun...its also the fact that not just me...but we all have been ignorant of over-tanning in the dangerous sun without sun the last three decades, or so... and now, most of us are paying the price. 

Here's a very well collected information about BASAL-CELL CARCINOMA...on WIKIPEDIA

Also, I have found some support group on-line regarding skin cancer patients dealing mainly around the facial and head area; as I have. This will be my third surgery...two, on my forehead...and this latest on my head which was a total shock and surprise discovery!

Do not ignore any mole, or unusual growth on skin that might appear suspicious...especially if it bleeds...forms a crust, and does not disappear in a month or so. Also, look for discoloration on a mole, or anything that appears out of the ordinary. It could actually cause losing your life if you let it go untreated!
I have learned how to make the world's most famous Hungarian soups....gorgeous clear chicken, meat, or vegetable broths; creamy thick comforting soups and the most famous of them all is the Gulyás Leves= Hungarian Goulash Soup...which is NOT the stew, but the actual soup (another discussion and post for a later time)
I'm going to share a 'secret' product with you that is 'gonna knock your socks off'...seriously! Do you see the pretty red swirls on top of this delicious comforting and delicious soup?...well, it is imported from Hungary and its called PIROS ARANY= red gold!...seriously, you would think they discovered GOLD! Never, ever...have I tasted any condiment, so delectable, so creamy, not too-too spicy...just open up this beautiful red tube of the most amazing flavor enhancer (authentic paprika paste)... you will get hooked on this...I promise!...and oh, by the way, here's one place where you can order this. (as for me, I received this from Hungary through a niece of my sister here, in the U.S.)
Here's one source where you can get this amazing product: HUNGARIAN MALL

Also, you can purchase Piros Arany (paprika paste) from check this out!

I did not go grocery shopping all this past week...taking heavy duty antibiotics, and for pain; some strong pain medication (which causes drowsiness)...spent all my time at home, and decided to make this delicious soup, and grilled cheese sandwich, after literally having no appetite for the first 24 hrs.
Scrounging through my fridge and cupboards...always finding something to make...if nothing else, a nice comforting soup, and sandwich is always the best solution; Grilled cheddar cheese and sliced tomatoes on whole grain bread...yumm! (for the recipe-by request)