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Chicken Enchiladas...and Vegetarian Burritos!

I have not made chicken enchiladas in such a long time that I have almost forgotten about it...not really how to make it, just not thinking about making it. There are so many choices to make for dinner, but I really like to try new and healthy dishes out, instead of the "humdrum" basic things.
Now that I'm feeling a lot better and get the full use of my arm back, I feel so relieved that I can go about my daily routine.
We were worrying about hurricane Irene coming to us in South Florida, but it decided to go towards the East Coast which does not look too good. Reaching all the way up to New York, and Maine.
We are experiencing the heavy winds, and storm, but nothing compared to what tha Bahamas is going through, and now the Carolinas.
Just peeking through my balcony to check the pouring rain on Thursday afternoon, in a matter of minutes you would thing the hurricane was coming through. This poor palm tree lost a few branches from the heavy wind, and for an hour we were g…

Mango Daiquiri...and 4th of July Weekend!

Just when everybody is planning their 4th of July celebration, I will be all alone for 4th of July. I should feel sad, and bad...but not SO! It will be a relief to spend  that day totally alone. Daughter and family in Italy, son and family will be spending the weekend in South Beach, celebrating their wedding anniversary, and meeting up with relatives...and I will just "chill out" and relax, on Monday.
Not such a bad idea, spending the day house and dog sitting, holding down the fort, as Patty,
@Patty's Food  mentioned it in my previous post comment.

I'm linking this to: Cookbook Sunday  @Mom's Sunday Cafe

To think I was complaining about not having enough mangos on the tree this year, but the few that mother nature is giving us, is more than enough for mango smoothies, and maybe a few other wonderful desserts, as in mango sorbet, or mango cake...but I opted for the Mango Daiquiri last Sunday, when my ex-hubby, my son, and family was here last Sunday. I was so amb…