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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Homefries...and God Bless America!

What a long weekend we've had. To me, 4th of July has always been such a special significance of our country's freedom, unlike other some other countries in the world. We have the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom of economic... I won't delve into that one, with our economy spiraling even more, downward.

Our forefathers paved the way for us, when they embarked on a New World, to flee from England, to be free from religious persecutions. They took the long voyage on the Mayflower ship, and landed on Plymouth Rock, in 1620...and settled there. Not too many survived the harsh winters, the diseases, and according to history, the constant attack by Indians?! is still a debate, history is not always correct.
Ironically, a year before that, African slaves were brought to Jamestown, which was the first English Colony of the New World. Not only were the Africans enslaved, but the Indians, by the thousands, as well!

Not until 1776, did we as Americans, gain our Independence from the English colonies! The rest is history, and we are finding out more and more...probably a lot more that was "hidden" from us. But at any rate, we all came here as immigrants...our forefathers, our fathers, and many more over the last 235 years.
Although a lot of people claim their ancestors came here on the Mayflower...they have yet to prove otherwise, because not too many of the very first generation have survived.

Fast forward. Are we like a "dysfunctional family" in this "free" land of ours?...I would have to say yes!
We may be a large number of dysfunctional people, not just in our very own homes, but in this land of ours that we should all appreciate, and work together to make it a better place...after all, we owe it to each other. We are all at fault for what has become in our nation, and not to point fingers at "individuals" who caused chaos in the government, our health care system, stop blaming our president...when he is the last person on the "totem pole" to be making decisions on what needs to be done...and yes, do blame your false politicians, and the Congress, and do have your voice heard! Get out there, and vote when you must! Every vote counts!
Our soldiers have fought too long and hard for our "freedom"'s time to bring them home, and thank them for protecting us, and our freedom. We have to be there for each other, when things go from bad to worse, but mostly, every day in life. Never forget where you came from, never forget who you are, never forget that no matter how tough times may be, but knowing that things WILL get better.
This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...and we should stand up for this country, love, and honor it, and  love one God Bless America!
Amen to that!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baked Barbecue Country Pork Ribs... and a giveaway!

This may not be a "baking blog" but I assure you, for sure it's a "food blog", which actually, in the beginning, less than a year ago, started out to be a blog about mostly thrifting, and some food. We all have to eat, but where, and how we eat, and mostly what we eat...who we eat with, seemed more of a challenge than finding a bargain at our favorite thrift shops. I like to make my rounds every week, to cook at my friends' once a week, or at my daughter's or my son's, so basically, I only cook for myself about twice a week, realistically. It still is a late winter for some of you, but for us right now, is our spring. A barbecue "indoors" is so much easier, when it's for 2 people, than barbecuing outside and dealing with all the cleanup mess. I found these lovely country ribs at my local market, and I knew what I would want to make as a side dish with it to share with my friend. A side of "doctored up" baked beans, mashed potato, and sauteed sauer kraut. Yumm! As a matter of fact, everything was doctored up...even homemade barbecue sauce for the ribs...and let me tell you. You can have "finger licking good" barbecue sauce that you made, instead of the ones in a bottle, which is ready made. Slather it on for the last 25 minutes, and you have the best barbecue ribs, "this side of south Florida"...not Texas!