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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Creole Shrimp and way!

Living in sunny South Florida gives us the advantage of obtaining the freshest seafood every day...available, 365 days a year. You can even buy it from fishermen coming back from the fishing boats...not cheap, but affordable and oh, so amazing and fresh!
I love shrimp, especially the pink Key West shrimp. I saw the CREOLE SHRIMP AND RICE  recipe in June, 2013 issue of Cooking Light magazine and I was impressed by it, but adding the 1 cup of milk to make the Creole Sauce was not my 'cup of tea', so I adapted the recipe changing it to the 'ruby red' spicy sauce, and serving it with Jasmine rice!
I discovered this beautiful bag of little treasures...fresh San Marzano mini tomatoes...grown in Texas, so sweet, crunchy and yummy; you can eat it just like 'candy' but I used it in my sauce, along with the Red Gold tomatoes... that I still had left over from my promotion pack. No need for extra spices, although I used the same recipe as the one from Cooking Light, and added 1 can of the Chili Ready diced tomato.

We all have a way of dealing with 'stress' a different way. Most people eat for comfort...or shop for a 'hoarder' of accumulated unnecessary things; as for me, I also shop, but I do the 'thrift shopping' and only for items that I really could use in my kitchen or around the house.

As for eating...I substitute it for 'food shopping'! My cupboards are slightly overflowing with just about every staple item needed for cooking or baking; my fridge is full with fruits, vegetables, dairy products, breads and rolls in the freezer. Food shopping brings me comfort, but it can be costly if all the perishable items are not used up in time.

I'm not the type of person to complain about my physical health...aches, and pains, or even keeping a doctor's appointment; rather cancelling and re-scheduling, instead. To get to the point, I've been neglecting my every 3 months dermatology check ups...after over a year, I finally visited the dermatologist office to check for dangerous moles or spots sprouting up. Since the last couple months I had at least half a dozen suspicious moles and spots...some cancerous, removed from my back, chest, and arm, and now I am dealing with two more that are a little more complex.

So, if you did not hear from me for over a week...posting, commenting, its not because I'm on vacation its just LIFE HAPPENS...every day is a 'challenge' of some sorts.

I had a dangerous skin cancer (Basal Carcinoma) surgically removed from the middle of my forehead this morning...three consecutive sessions...digging, scraping, carving; now its stitched up, and I'm not feeling my best, and next month I will have to have another one surgically removed.

Here's some helpful information about skin cancer...from the SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION

When you don't hear from me, and I'm not blogging...or on Facebook...something's up.
I also forgot to mention that, Pinterest has been a great comfort for me for the last week, just pinning...pinning...and marveling at all the amazing and beautiful things. Also, I've been 'downsizing' and getting rid of things. I hauled more clothes, books...mostly cookbooks, and small pieces of furniture, to would think that I'm moving!

Have a wonderful week, ahead! xo

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