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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Curried Potatoes and Egg Scramble
I have not been photographing my foods in the last couple weeks...and if I actually did, I was not pleased with it. As you can see, this delicious Curried Egg Scramble is from at least a year and a half ago, and it was taken with my old camera, which has been replaced with a much better one, soon after this! I'm still hooked on Pinterest as you may all know, finding more, and more gorgeous things, and amazing foods to re-pin! I'm on the breakfast "mode" at this moment...although, I only had my favorite caffee latte and ate an entire grapefruit, but I'm seriously craving some good, hearty and healthy breakfast. My curried potatoes would do well with the scrambled eggs, but I don't have any eggs in the house. (I left it at my daughters when we went shopping together a few days ago)
...NO EGGS!...that is so not acceptable! Click on the link, for the recipe!

One thing for sure...I have to have my Caffe Latte, and not just any coffee with milk, or cream, this is the authentic important Italian coffee, made in an authentic espresso maker...actually, an electric one, and a very unusual one, at that. Just look at the yummy foam, and the cinnamon sprinkling. You have to have fat-free milk in able to make a fabulous foam like that, and of course the steam feature on the coffee maker...and a little practice indeed!
You guessed it; it's another Thrift Find...the unique, electric espresso coffee maker, and the Starbucks mug! It' even got the Starbucks name engraved in it! Coffee maker is made in Italy, of course...$9.99, and the mug was $.99 of course, from my local Goodwill store!
I did not just get this coffee pot, and's been about two months ago! I happen to stumble upon it, and wondered why it hasn't been snapped up, since I went to Goodwill in the late afternoon, and by then all the great items are taken. Every morning, they bring out at least 3 or 4 bins of amazing donated stuff...and at least 90% of those items are nearly new, or some of it brand new, donated by companies.

Even the furniture is donated by furniture companies, when they are no longer in style...amazing...absolutely amazing. The 5 star hotel, the Breakers has been donating extremely expensive furniture, such as armoirs, desks, chairs, from the hotel, for a ridiculously low price, a fraction of what they actually cost

I will tell you why this coffee pot was probably donated...#1 because the people did not want to bother with using it...#2, because they had a nasty "messy" accident with it, like I did! #2 is the right answer. The part, where you put the coffee grains in, and close it, must be closed have to twist it to the right, just like I have it in the photo, otherwise when the coffee is brewing, and filling the cup, it will splatter...and I mean splatter all over you counter, your wall...even up to the ceiling....yes it will, and it did! I was devastated when it happened. Took me an hour to clean the mess up. Now, I'm very careful with it.
Just wanted to share this photo of the amazing sky at sunset...I happen to go outside on my balcony to look across the street, and gazed at God's nature beauty, of beauties....the Glazing Sky!...Wow, oh, wow...these red streaks were all the way across into the horizon....a perfect Pinterest share photo...of Palm Beach sky!
Isn't this stunning?...usually when the sky is like that, they say it's going to be windy the next day, but that wasn't the case, at all!
Have a wonderful Tuesday, or Wednesday, by some places, as in Malaysia, and India where some of you dear friends reside!

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