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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Orange Almond Mandelbrot...a.k.a Jewish Biscotti!

To think that I was going to skip making cookies for the holidays...when this morning, I called my daughter Lora, and said..."I want to make some biscotti...but you know, that  my kitchen is way too small, so I will come over to
your house and will make it there! Of course, she agreed, as she always does, because she likes to see me out of my "rut"...even though I live on the beach, but I get into those "holiday blues" just before the holidays, and I tell you...You got to snap out of it!!!...seriously! Life is too is GOOD! It's what you make of it!
You want to feel sorry for this person...for that person...their sad situation, but when you seriously think about it, you really have to think about "yourself!"...You have "issues" just as the next person does...except, you deal with it much better than they do! They make you feel, that you have to help them, it's your responsibility!...enough said, just check out my amazing Orange Almond Mandelbrot (Jewish Biscotti) for the holidays!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Chocolate Chip Biscotti to bid on... Becky's Bake Sale

Today is a very important's the day of the Bake Sale!

Becky @ Baking and Cooking-A Tale of Two Loves 

is hosting for a very important cancer drive, for the American Cancer Society. There are at least 27 ...31 participants...including myself, to contribute some really awesome baked goods. Almost, a year ago, just about 11 months ago, when I first started my blog, I made my Chocolate Chip Biscotti and posted the recipe, as well. Becky has posted that photo of my biscotti, which really did not look as great with my old camera, not to mention the biscotti was done, quite mediocre.

Now, just look, I baked these yummy biscottis, even with my sprained ankle, which is healing very braces, no walker, just ace bandage on it...still can't stand on it completely, but I have to start little by little. It's such an honor to do this, and I'm ready to ship the biscotti, carefully wrapped, to the person that has the highest bid on it. All 2 dozen, with Nestle's chocolate chips folded inside, and drizzled with more chocolate, of the same kind, melted down.

Actually, if I were to sell these...which I have done so, in the past, it would cost $1.50-$2.50...each, depending on the size...multiply even, $1.50 times 24 would still cost $36.00.
Becky is starting the bidding, at $15.00 on all the what are you waiting for? Check out her blog, and bid on 1 or two selections, from all the talented bakers from our Foodies...and Foodbuzz Community friends. It is for a tremendous cause to save lives, and honor the ones who have lost their lives to cancer. Becky has worked so hard on this project. Please do visit her, and bid on your favorite. As for me...I'm ready to ship this out to the person who has won the bidding!
Thank you, for participating!

Good News: The Bake Sale will still be on till e-mail note, from Becky!

Hi everyone!

I have decided to leave the Bake sale open for another day! There are many items that haven't received bids.  All of you were wonderful to participate and Bake for the Bake Sale.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Now, if you wouldn't mind spreading the word that the bake sale will remain open another day. and definitely close tomorrow at 9PM EST.
Becky Higgins

Baking and Cooking, A Tale of Two Loves

Here's the e-mail address to bid...bidding starts at $15.00

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