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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Irish Soda Bread

St. Patrick's Day, and Easter has already came and went, and I'm still trying to catch up with posts that have been waiting in my draft file. As I mentioned, Lora made this same exact bread, and she has my recipe for it from a 1994 Gourmet magazine, which I found at Goodwill for 49cents, just recently. I do miss Gourmet so has been around for at least 40yrs and now, I just treasure each and every recipe, issue and of course books as well.

Click here for the recipe: Irish Soda Bread
I am unable to upload photos to my picture gallery, as I have mentioned before. I ordered a new cable adapter, and also a battery charger, but it is not helping, so obviously it's a problem with my camera. It take awesome photos, but cannot upload them to the computer. Not an easy choice to have to take the memory card out of the camera to have to upload photos from another camera, so now I'm stuck for a while until I get another camera. Oh, well...such as life!

I must admit that this is the BEST Irish soda bread recipe that I have tried, and will keep on making it, and not just on St. Patrick's Day. Even with the raisins...especially with the raisins, we love this easy bread so much.

I do hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday! Thank you for all your kind and sweet comments and will try to catch up with all the replies and good wishes. xo

In the meantime...I was able to catch the sunrise at 7:15 AM in its glorious, and luminous beauty the other day, just by taking a quick look outside my terrace. An hour later, I decided to take a short walk on the beach with a brisk 58 degrees F. temperature. Just perfect for S. Florida at this time of the year, when everywhere else is still freezing.
Take care, and have a beautiful Sunday!