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Chick- Peas in Chunky Tomato Sauce...and Red Gold Giveaway

I'm truly happy to announce to you, that I have the most amazing 100 % all natural tomatoes to have had the privilege of trying, almost exactly one year ago, when I won the beautiful giveaway pack, from my friend Wendy, @ Weekend Gourmet.

I did not even know that our local Publix Supermarket in West Palm Beach carries the Red Gold tomatoes, when I suddenly discovered it, yesterday! More importantly, I got my "six pack", I don't mean a six pack "abs"...not even nearly, or my six pack of "beer"...although beer would go nice with my Chick- Peas in Chunky Tomato Sauce, made with the Red Gold Tomatoes, that I received the "six pack" of different 6 type of their wonderful tomatoes.
I must tell you, that this is a truly Vegan dish, made with dried chickpeas (garbanzo) that have been soaked, and slowly cooked till it became just the right crunchiness on the outside, and al-dente on the inside, and the tomato stew, slowly cooked with Red Gol…

Haitian Cole Slaw...and a Giveaway!

I've been on the cabbage kick all last week. I bought 2 heads of organic cabbage at Whole Foods, and also, I bought Daikon radish, the long white Japanese radish, Scotch Bonnet peppers, and really "kicked up" the spices in my Haitian Cole probably wonder what is a Haitian Cole Slaw?...and what makes it Haitian. I do have an answer for that. I became acquainted with it several years ago, working in the country club with Haitian cooks that make this fabulous slaw. Usually it's served with griot, which is a crispy fried pork dish, and a side of lettuce wedge with French dressing, and the cole slaw...and oh, my! spicy, tangy, and slightly sweet. Absolutely zero fat, healthy, refreshing, and delicious!