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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Watermelon Knife...and Awards!

If you've never seen, or used a Watermeon Knife, neither did I, until I won the amazing giveaway from 
 She was hosting this amazing giveaway on her blog. The KUHN RIKON Watermelon Knife is made in Switzerland, and its a high quality Japanese carbon steel, with an 11-inch serrated blade. The safety sheath is more desirable to bring along on picnics or camping trips, and for easy storage at home. Thank you Vicki for the fabulous giveaway gift, and thanks to the KUHN RIKON team for such an amazing giveaway gift that I won!
Just look how it glides through with ease...although this watermelon is not as large as the ones I usually buy, but I wanted to make sure that this does not have seeds, and is perfectly ripe, which it was, and oh, so sweet! I'm not quite done demonstrating, because I wanted to do more special cutting with this beautiful Watermelon the color of bright red, and green as well...just like the color of the watermelon.
I turned the knife over to the opposite side so you could see the high quality Japanese carbon. Just don't put this knife if the dishwasher, to dull the carbon, or fade the pretty red color...although I did not read it in the instruction, I never put my good knifes in the dishwasher.
Well, I decided to get a little fancy with the cutting. I cut the watermelon in half, then, I cut a small piece off the bottom of one half, to make it stand even. Also, I hollowed out the watermelon and cut the chunks into smaller pieces, and I put them back inside. With the other half of the watermelon, I cut them across into slices, and then into wedges, and linted them back into the watermelon half. Also, I sliced some starfruit...which by the way is not done right, I was supposed to peel them...then slice them.
So, check out the cute picnic table was a "thrift find" fabric, brand new, but it appears that it's from the seventies, I made it into a picnic table cloth, so much fun for the little grandchildren.
I also receive a bundle of star fruit, also known as Carambola from my's a basket full of starfruit at his house (our house) where my children grew up...he has all kinds of fruit trees, including star fruit, and various herbs, including the Sicilian rosemary.
My two precious grandchildren posing for the watermelon...both 5yrs old, two months apart. First cousins...we've been told that they look like twins! Mattia on the left (son Joe's) Luca (male) on the right (daughter (LORA'S)...they get along so well together, as long as Luca lets Mattia boss him around. She's a little "spit fire" and he is so "laid" back, and "yesses" everything to her. He worships the ground she walks on...seriously! When he gets tired of her bossing him around...that's and games are over, and she wants to go home...playtime is over!