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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Taste Pavilion, and Book Signing, from Chef Tyler Florence!

As I mentioned in my previous we are at the Taste Pavilion, on the second day, November 5th. at the Metreon! I happened to stop by the Alexia station to sample their delicious Sweet Potato Bites. Spicy, light and totally addictive.
Judy's Breadsticks lovesticks...all organic incredible, crispy, and so delicious!
These amazing breads are all organic, and vegan. I enjoyed the bread with cream cheese spread...had at least 3 pieces...yumm!
Lynda Najarian...Creative Director-Founder

Different kinds of fig dips featured...on the left, and right is pork tenderloin on skewers

Lettuce wraps, a huge favorite of mine...from ALASKA SURIMI SEAFOODS!
The famous Warren sweet, and juicy!
Food tasting is not complete...unless you can have cupcakes with the creamiest swirled frosting!
I decided to check out the terrace, and of course...the VIEW!
I met some feathered friends, who were also checking out the view!
The BEST part was, Celebrity Chef, Tyler Florence...from the Food Network, signing his newest copy of his cookbook!...I missed out on getting a book...sigh!
Another magnificent view, from the terrace!...a cloudy, windy, and chilly day, but the photos turned out great!
Chef Tyler Florence came back to the Grand Hyatt Hotel where we were staying...just happened to catch him outside and asked if I could take his picture...he was ever so gracious, and said yes. He then asked me if I would like to have my picture taken with! I was not expecting that, from my all-time favorite celebrity chef from the Food Network! He is so, so creative, talented, and super laid back kind of person!
Patience is a VIRTUE...and patient, I was! I could not get through the crowd at the Book signing, to meet him in person, and unexpectedly I met him, afterwards. Later on, for the Gala Dinner, he gave us a fabulous cooking demo, that was equally laid back, and done with ease, and sheer casual, but with elegance, that only Chef Tyler Florence can do! Looks like I have more to show you of this unforgettable event!

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