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Chicken Piccata...Restaurant Review, and Awards!

I only have this one photo of the Chicken Piccata, because I was not going to post this, because it was one of those simple dinners that I did not even feel like making a side dish with it other than the sauteed Broccoli Rabe, with browned garlic.

For the recipe click on the link from one year ago! Chicken Piccata
Yesterday, I shared a leftover feast with another friend of mine...which was Paella that my son-in-law, Chef Fabrizio made for dinner on his day off, for their dear friends, from next door...Dr. Eric, and his wife, children and in-laws. I did not join them, sometimes it's nice to be alone, and just chill, but I regret now, because I missed the lobster too, which I haven't eaten in such a long time! This was an incredible Paella, chicken and sausage was mostly missing, but there were plenty of mussels, and shrimp!