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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gundel Palacsinta {crepes}

Since we all love palacsinta=crepes=pancakes, as the Hungarians wish to describe it in English, which really does not have anything to do with our American version of the 'pancakes'...rather, I would have to insist that it is more on the French version, of 'crepes'...or the Italian version of 'crespelle'. The Hungarian far as I'm concerned is the BEST by far, which even my executive chef; son-in-law agrees on. Instead of using all milk in the batter, you replace 1 cup of milk with 'seltzer' water just after letting the batter rest for at least 30 minutes to one hour, you whisk it the seltzer water and it really lightens up the batter.
Last week, I decided to make the Gundel Palacsinta at my daughter Lora's house, and I got into so much trouble with her because I started it in the late afternoon just as she was preparing dinner for the kids...and all she needed was, to have them spoil their appetite before dinner...because, you just can't ignore to have at least one piece to nibble on when it comes straight off the pan and is nice and hot. Dipping it into the warm homemade chocolate sauce is 'sinfullly' good! There are quite a few different ways of presenting the Gundel Palacsinta, but these two are my preferred ways; as long as the filling is made the proper way, and the 'to die for' chocolate sauce is done the authentic way.
Here's a little bit of history and why it is called Gundel, and where did it get its name: Wikipedia
Recipe. I found which is quite Hungarian:
 Tuti Receptek...Gundel Palacsinta
In English, which is also identical...recipe that I preferred:
Gundel's Walnut and Chocolate Pancakes...{Crepes}

Now, I must tell you the original recipe suggests rum in the chocolate sauce, and in the filling as well, but you can omit it...or use the rum essence, which also gives the rum flavor. When you order it in the Gundel Restaurant in Budapest, special specific way; the waiter will just 'frown' at you and may want to skip the Gundel Palacsinta if you prefer not to have the cannot have it your way!

The original way of presentation is, to spoon the chocolate sauce over half the portion, and sprinkle with powder-(icing) sugar the other half. Well, to me it just not seemed right....makes it too thick and globby. I also thinned out the sauce a little, so I can drizzle it easier...sauce does get thicker as it cools, anyway!

This is how I presented my Gundel Palacsinta last Friday, when I made it for my family...just the way it was required, according to the recipe...the chocolate sauce was so 'shockingly' amazing, rich with chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, rum essence, egg yolks, and heavy cream...cooked to perfection...although I'm not so thrilled about the 'blotchy' sauce overshadowing the palacsinta, I prefer the drizzle or having the sauce under the palacsinta, as I made it yesterday for my BFF's belated birthday!

Just look at the filling...sooo creamy, smooth, with the heavenly walnut filling...can't get better than that! Three of us shared these two very rich, and sinfully incredible! I made the lighter version of the crepes, on the above two photos for my friend, who is holding the plate! She loved it with the lightened version of the chocolate drizzle, as well. You can thin out the sauce when you warm it up with a little heavy cream.

Here are two of my talented blogger friends who also made the Gundel Palacsinta:
Gizi  and  Zsuzsa

also...yet; another version from researching this amazing classic recipe which happens to be a little over 100 years old. I merely wanted to research how other people are making it, different way of folding and presenting the palacsinta, but we all agree on one thing...a Superb classic Hungarian dessert originated by, Károly Gundel!

check this version out...(sad to say today is their last post)
Hungarian Chocolate Crepes, from the Diplomatic Kitchen