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Friday, February 18, 2011

Sicilian Puttanesca Sauce...and a Winner!

It's been a trying 3 days for me...trying to scan photos on my scanner, which is a Canon, flatbed, from ten years ago. I do have another newer model, from HP, but that is at least six years old, as well. That particular one, the scanner does not work. I'm trying to be this "self help" computer tech, and it' taking a toll on my patience already, figuring things out. Well, everything is working on the old scanner...lucky for me, I saved the soft-ware to upload the program, now, just a matter of time, how to upload the scanned Sicilian precious photos that I wanted to share with you. I will probably have to resort to my daughter's scanner later, to upload them. I made this pasta the other night at my daughter's house, and it was a huge success, even with the little ones. I have never seen a 4 year old child eat anchovies, black olives, capers, at all, and here I have my little "snow white skinned" blue eyed  Mediterranean grandson, who eats just about everything you put on his plate, especially foods, such as this, and wants a second helping. Something about Puttanesca, which derives from the word "putana=whore," really does have a history behind this famous sauce, does not mean actually, that putanas, where actually cooking it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not so-Wordless Wednesday

Egy szál fehér rózsa. A single white rose
Egy szál fehér rózsa   A single white rose
Szeretetem, szó szólója. My Love, of a word defined.
Köszönteni Téged,   
         To greet You,...

Bodor László oldala
...Single white rose..."peace offering from a friend, from Budapest, Hungary"
 My quiet time to myself...a peaceful walk on the beach, thinking about the unrest, and violence in the Middle East, my family and friends in the Mid west, suffering the horrible snow storms...
The evening is settling in, a few clouds form...but no rain, it is so eerily quiet, I can hear the gentle waves of the ocean, and my heartbeat...on to a new adventure, tomorrow! my dear departed father used to say..."God willing"...
The sea grass up close...absolute darkness, and total quietness envelopes the entire area...time to settle in, and watch CNN...or maybe not, Just pray for "PEACE"!

 collected all these gorgeous uniformed shells-one year ago, at this time...this year no shells of any significant type...sigh

 Dinner I made last night-Brown sugar glazed baked salmon, sauteed organic kale, and Basmati rice...(will post recipe tomorrow)...matching colors with the shells above-Granddaughter, Gabri took the picture!
 Set of 78 Tarot cards, book, and cloth to lay out cards-thrift find, 2yrs ago $2.99 still sealed in box. Retails $33.99...Self taught...(they say that readings are good for 6 months.) 

I have done my own readings about 3 or 4 times in the last 2 years, and they are unmistakenly correct, I have done the readings to a psychic friend, who was bewildered how correct is the situation in her life, I did the readings first, when I went to Italy by by myself...actually, my son-in-law sent me there paying my ticket with his "frequent fly miles"...did his mom's, his 2 sister readings, in Italian...boy, that was a challenge...had all three of them in tears; seriously, so, so correct! My daughter will not let me do her readings, she does not want to know what has happened, in the past 6 months, or prior...nor what will happen in the next 6 months! 

Tower card-Past influences=let go of the past!  Wheel of fortune-How others view us!

Cards laid out in Celtic Cross pattern-total of ten card you choose, from the 78 cards. you have to have the cards facing down...only turn them over when they are all laid out.

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