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Rye Bread...and Awards

If you can believe it, this is my first rye bread that I have ever made...(I have made white, and whole wheat in a simple loaf pan, but not rye...and not free-form.)...thanks to finding rye flour at Whole Foods Market. They have everything there, that are healthy, organic, and totally good for you. I can spend hours there, when I shop, going down on each and every isle, and have a nice and healthy self-serve lunch there, as well.
The crust of this Rustic Rye Bread is so incredibly crunchy, and the flavor just blows you away! I made a long loaf and a round loaf with the recipe, it was really such a pleasure to get your hands on these loaves, and let the bread machine do the heavy kneading, but I did get help from my little grandson Luca. He volunteered to help, and both of us loved every minute of this fabulous bread making.

The recipe comes from a 1987 Fanny Farmer Cookbook, nothing fancy, no photos, just drawing illustrations.The ever famous James Beard has a great introduction about …