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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Food Cravings...and a New Week!

The Big Red Bold Burger

It's been exactly one week, since yesterday that I had to part from my sweet kitty, Prince...things have not been the same. I have been just in a state of "disbelief" that I actually made that decision to have his life ended, feeling guilty...yet relieved!

I am so thankful, and grateful to all of you who have commented, comforted, and shared your heartfelt stories about your beloved pets that you have lost, as well. It is such a sad feeling, an emptiness in your heart, in your home, that you feel for a long time to come...yet, knowing that this is the "cycle of life" that our pets, just like us have to endure. Just as we will be called to pass through those golden gates to heaven...our pets are also called to their final resting homes...this is an assurance that I know, and that we will all be together, someday!

Some of you have noticed that I've been pinning a lot on PINTEREST, working on my board, to add more. I love PINTEREST; did not think that I would get so hooked on it! I do have a board on it, called; Food Cravings, and this amazing burger called...The Big Red Bold Burger from amazing sandwiches, is one of my cravings!
Oven Fried Onion Rings

You can't just have a burger without fries and onion at least go for the healthier version...Oven Fried Onion Rings, courtesy of Pinterest  I will have to google the recipe for this, as well!

Sweet Potato Fries Baked

If you're going to have fries, might as well choose a healthier version, which is the Sweet Potato Fries, Baked, courtesy of natural noshing...yumm

Honey Almond Ice Cream

Honey Almond Ice cream, courtesy of a sweet simple life and Caramel Espresso Bars?...a match made in heaven!

Finally, I would want to have a piece of the amazing Caramel Espresso Bars from my good friend Lizzy @that skinny chick can, we are getting closer to home, where you can actually find her recipe!

As you can see, this is not your Weight Watchers foods, or desserts, I have given that up a few months ago since my Prince has become so ill...although, I still know the points that I'm allowed; I also have the little WW calculator to figure the points...actually, did figure out how many points are in an all beef Hebrew National hot dog...4 points; and in a hot dog bun...3 points. Well, that's what I had yesterday...2 hot dogs, and a side of deli coleslaw. I declined my invite for the cookout at my daughter's...stayed at home all day...went downstairs, to check out the ocean, and went for a walk on the beach, and later went swimming in the pool...and read one of my old Bon Appetit cooking magazines from 1999!...So, all in all, it wasn't such a bad day.
Hope you all had a very nice Memorial Day weekend!

...Don't go away, yet... I have some awesome, and important thing to share with you!

Yesterday turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny, (partly cloudy) and breezy day, the high of 86 degrees F. in South Florida! (Palm Beach) I decided to take a little walk...hardly any people on the private beach...(snowbirds gone back north) vacationers, at least not around here!
As you can see, there's only one person up ahead in the distance, and this is at 1:00pm in the afternoon; not if like they have all gone to lunch!...just a quiet, and empty beach is what I needed to gather my thoughts and recite some prayers quietly to myself and the universe! 
As I'm watching the gentle waves...of course, not going into the water, in fear of "undercurrents" ...just the other day, they had to pull a few people from the ocean because they were stuck in the undercurrents, and that is very, dangerous where it could pull you under in a "snap of a moment" and gone...washed away in the currents! (it happened in another part of the state)
Finally, as I was walking...I stumbled upon one flip-flop...not just an ordinary flip-flop, but what looks like an expensive brand...a mens' flip-flop that has been washed ashore. With all the time on my hands, I began to wonder? Where did this come it local?...always just one flip-flop!...What happens to all these washed ashore items, as in plastic bottles, containers, and tons, and tons, of debris washed ashore. I know, in our area it get cleaned up...but what about, all the rest?; later I decide to google about flip-flops being washed ashore...and this is what I found!
This is an exhibition site of a fabulous art of several discarded debris...such as flip-flops, plastic, to design ART out of it!
Now isn't this so awesome, wonderful?
For more information, check out this website...absolutely, amazing!
Washed Ashore plastics, sea life and art Global Tour 

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