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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Green Market, in West Palm Beach

Have you ever seen skies so blue...not a cloud in sight, crisp, clean well manicured grass, the Intracoastal water so blue too. Well, this is the famous Flagler drive route that leads to downtown and the Saturday morning Green much fun!...Photo taken by me, from the car, (driver's side, of course.)
You can see we went to the best stands, First, the smoothie stand (daughter in the green sweater, and granddaughter all bundled up in a hoodie, at 65 degrees?) this is a cool temperature...later temperature went up into the 70's, about 74 degrees. Oh so perfect weather. Next stop at the Cuban stand...had to put my smoothie down to snap some photos quick! I had the yummy beef empenada on the right.
A Jerry Seinfeld new film casting, here in W.Palm Beach
...a couple sitting here, trying out for the casting.
A local entertainer singing "Simon & Garfunkel" songs. Notice something odd?... he's performing his songs under the Children's Activities stand?...What's with the little kid grabbing his pants?...huh, just noticed it. "weird"!

 OK, so much for "Show and Tell"...just another Saturday morning at the West Palm Beach Green Market, which is feautured every Saturday morning, all year long, except in extreme cold, or extrem hot weather (I think.)
Now, I'm dying to hear from bloggers, about the 2nd. Annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival, in San Francisco!
That will be exciting news, and photos...lots of stories...can't wait!