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'Not So' Wordless Wednesday...

As you all know, we've had a very huge hurricane/storm called 'Sandy' brewing around the Atlantic Ocean...came out from nowhere, and ended up in a huge devastation on the North East coast, causing numerous deaths and damages! Here, in S. Florida, we had our share of Sandy, starting with heavy rains, winds, and huge dangerous waves up to 20 ft, a massive erosion to once that was our beautiful beaches. As you can see in this photo, we lost 90% of our beach with a dangerous 5ft drop-down from the entrance!
Non-stop pounding waves...pouring out into our parking lot with debris. It was a scary scene, this was only the beginning of the worst to happen at the end of the week. By Saturday, Oct. 27th, 'Sandy' decided to make her way up the N. East Coast, and by Monday of this week, causing more devastation to the Coastline, making her way up to New Jersey, and New York!
While we escaped the worst of Sandy's fury and she only devastated and destroyed our beaches and cau…