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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mango Jelly Roll...a Guest Post

I finally have the privilege of introducing my sweet daughter, Lora @ Cake Duchess ...who is so kind to guest post for me, which I have already mentioned about 1 month ago when I had my hand injury. She already had this wonderful jelly roll ready for me but we just could not get together on the same day to post it. Be sure to check out Lora's lovely blog...and probably know her and follow her blog!

She is so very all young moms with work, kids, school, and all her own cooking and baking projects.
Lora, I'm so thrilled, and honored to have you guest post for me, and taking time out from your busy schedule and your amazing blog. I'm so proud to have you as my daughter!

I have totally forgotten about my mango jam, that I make every summer, and it lasts for several months the way I carefully can it, and to make sure that it's properly sealed. Without further hesitation, here is Lora, and in her own words!

It’s such a pleasure to be guest posting on my mom’s blog. She’s an amazing woman and she was my first cooking inspiration.  She still inspires me every day with her creativity in cooking and in baking. I owe my love of cooking to my sweet mom. She’s taught me invaluable lessons in the kitchen that I am now teaching to my children.

The jelly roll is a recipe that brings back many memories for me. My mother’s aunt from Hungary used to make it very often. It was light as a feather and filled with her wonderful homemade jams. She was an expert at baking delicious Hungarian desserts. I have sweet memories of baking alongside my great-aunt with my mom.

Every summer my mom makes the most wonderful mango jam with the mangos from our tree. I thought it was about time to bake with some of it as our tree is filled again with more glorious mangos. You can fill the cake with your favorite jam or even some whipped cream and fresh berries.

Thank you very much for having me guest post today, mom. It’s a joy to be a part of your delicious blog.

Elisabeth's home made mango jam

Mango Jelly Roll:
This recipe makes enough for one 18″ x 13″ sheet  or one 9″ cake. Here’s the formula:
5 ounces (1 cup) all-purpose flour
4 tablespoons butter (preferably clarified)
½ teaspoon salt
6 eggs
7 ounces (1 cup) sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
1 cup mango jam (or your favorite preserves)
Preheat your oven to 350. 
Set a saucepan big enough to hold your mixer bowl on the stove with an inch of water in it. Bring it to a simmer. Meanwhile, sift the flour and salt together into a medium bowl. Melt the butter in a small saucepan and set aside. 
Pour the sugar into the mixer bowl, add the eggs and whisk to combine. Set the mixer bowl over the pan of water and heat the mixture until it’s warm to the touch (no more than 120 degrees). What you’re trying to do is simply melt the sugar…don’t cook the eggs! It’ll only take a minute or so. 
Remove the bowl from the heat and, using the paddle attachment, beat the mixture on medium high until it’s very light and foamy, about triple its original volume (this will take up to ten minutes with a stand mixer). Add the vanilla and beat an additional 10-15 seconds. 
Pour a cup or so of the egg foam into the cooled melted butter and stir it until it’s completely incorporated, then gently pour the mixture back into the mixer bowl (this eases the incorporation of the butter into the batter). Next, sprinkle the flour mixture into the mixer bowl and carefully fold until the flour mixture and the butter mixture are completely incorporated. Gently pour the batter into the prepared pan.
Bake until the cake is a pale gold color and springs back lightly when touched. Bake cake until golden brown and springy to the touch, 6 to 7 minutes. Run a knife around sides of cake. Invert onto prepared towel, and remove parchment. 
While the sheet cake is still warm, gently roll, starting from one short side, into a log, incorporating the kitchen towel. Let the cake cool completely, rolled. (This will give the cake a "shape memory," so it will be easier to roll again with filling.)

Time to fill: Unroll cake.
Spread filling over cake leaving a 1/2-inch border all around. Carefully roll cake to enclose filling (without towel), starting at a short end. Refrigerate 30 minutes (or up to 3 hours). Dust with confectioners' sugar before serving.
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