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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eggplant Parmesan...and a Beautiful Garden!

I'm sure you are all familiar with eggplant I will not go into a lengthy recipe with this, other than my simple "tried and true" method, and somewhat a step-by-step direction. Last week, I decided to use up my much needed "attention" eggplants that were just sitting lonely in the fridge box...looking almost sad after more than one week. Don't get me wrong, they were not spoiling or anything else, but I'm not like my daughter Lora, piling up on veggies, and day after day making something healthy out of them like she does.
That's why she stays skinny...LOL even when she will be returning from Italy, maybe she gains about 5 lbs. and every time I travel, I come back gaining 15 lbs. and it takes several months to get rid of it.

I'm linking my Eggplant Parmesan to:
Foodie Friday # 16 @Little Brick Ranch

So while I'm house sitting, I hope Lora sees my post on her I-Pad that I really took care of her basil that Teresa planted...aren't they gorgeous...but wait, there's more!
With all the drought we had, we've been literally praying for rain here, in South Florida, but now, for the last week it's been raining every single day...prayers do WORK for positive results. This little rosemary plant nearly died, now I'm going to plant it in a bigger pot, or in the ground so it could flourish, and grow bigger.

As you can see more basil plant, more oregano, a different type, and some Mexican it!

A beautiful aloe plant...planted by Lora's dad...that was a tiny plant...thanks to the glorious Florida climate for this wondrous plant that "cures all" it has so many good uses, including for your skin, and to drink a refreshing aloe juice that would cost so much to buy!
Another beautiful Sicilian plant...planted by Lora's dad (my ex-hubby)...he has the "green thumb" for plants, and so does Teresa...I just take care of these beautiful plants!
The Bougainvillea, we have to give credit to Fabrizio for! (Lora's hubby)...he plants them all over the house, and they just flourish...such happy, and beautiful plants....such a wonderful garden to relax, and enjoy!
Another Bougainvillea, in the back yard...also, one on the front, which I didn't even take photo of yet! A
bird of paradise tree behind it at Dr. Eric's yard...peeking through!
Just look at the swimming pool, Fabrizio will be proud when he sees that I make sure the pool gets well maintained. It has an automatic vacuum cleaner that cleans it every chlorine used in this pool, it's salt added to the pool...automatically feeding in. Wouldn't you want to "house sit" under this kind of beautiful scenery every morning you wake up, "sunshine" greets you, birds singing, and such a quiet neighborhood!
This tropical beauty divides the property, from the back neighbor's can see a little part of the fence...otherwise it's all lush green!
There's no reason not to have beautiful herbs, plants, trees, when you live in a tropical climate as we's a matter of taking care of them, and caring for them, as if they could understand that you do. Take care of
nature's glorious gifts...and you will be greatly rewarded by their abundance of giving you much more!