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Saturday, July 23, 2011

LongBoards Restaurant Grand Opening!

First and most important, I would like to express my appreciation to all of you for all you kind comments, and support on my blog, If I have not done the same for you please let me know in e-mail and "chew me out" if I have not been supportive enough, I will try harder!
I am spending most of my days and nights here at my son's, while they are away in NYC, and upstate New York for 2 weeks. I do go home every day as well, to feed my kitties and spend a couple hours with them.
I'm sure they miss me, as I miss them, and things will be back to normal by next week. During the day, I spend my time at Lora's (daughter) who only lives a few blocks away. It's always an adventure with Lora and my much fun. Every day there's always a project...can't alway keep up with them. They ar always on the go. If I would start telling you the day-to-day routine, it would take up an entire post for my blog, so I will share something which is quite unique....instead!
There was a new restaurant opening in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida, a couple weeks ago. I was anxiously waiting to go there with my son, Joe, and wife Cara, and a two buddies of my son. No children allowed becauce it was such a "madhouse" opening, and the place was packed like "sardines"...and why not?
(In the video, those kids must have been the owner's kids.)
 All the appetizers were free, and you were allowed 2 or 3 free drinks. They handed you 2 or 4 genuine sea glass when you entered at the door...that was your token for the drinks that you gave back when they brought you the drinks.
In the meantime, as we arrived in West Palm Beach, there was an old car show right smack in the middle of 
Clematis Road, downtown. They were featuring cars from the fifties and sixties...of course my favorite was a beautiful red Chevy, I think from 1967...will get to that, as I am taking you on the tour. These were all the pictures that I took with my camera. The theme for "Longboards" is really about a surfer restaurant, tha is one and only in Palm Beach County. My son's artwork on surfboards that is his side hobby is all shown here.
They are all hanging, and adorning this cool place. We'll get to that also!
You'll have to forgive me, I have no idea of the make of these cars, I only know so far that the very first car oln top of the page is a 1959 Cadillac...they sure don't make cars like that any more, with all the expensive chrome and beautiful workmanship...OK...moving on!
I think this is a 1955 Buick...but I could be wrong!
I love this car the most...always have. A 1967 SS Chevy!
Wow...just look at the engine of this "baby"...need I say more?
Now that's a cool old Chevy truck!
Now, the fun begins...this is the entrance of the you can see, there's also a band outside across from the restaurant!
This is the first surf board that was hanging on the wall as we entered. Sargent Pepper, The Beatles, is feautered on here. My son Joe designed and painted these surfboards (but not the nude woman surfboard in the video)...Joe just came up with this concept a couple years ago. He is a fantastic artist, and writer. He published his first novel, and is working on the second.
This is the second surf board...A Hawaiian design!
This is one of my favorite of my son's work. I love the ocean view...the little people, and the palm trees!