A Lovely Blog Award

I am so honored to have The Lovely Blog Award bestowed upon me, not once, but twice. The first one was one week ago, from Emma, at  Sunflower Days, and the second, today, from Lora,
at cake duchess. I am so excited every day to think of new things to blog about, and also checking to see what my foodie friends are blogging about
If it wasn't for the Foodbuzz Community, I would not have some many wonderful, and talented people from all over the world.There are so many beautiful blogs out there, and I have been fortunate to have made friends with a lot of them.
I have been so inspired by all the different cultures, and their dishes that every day is such a joy for me to be able to get into contact with all my friends.

So this is a "shout out" now to the 30 bloggers.
Thank you Emma...thank you Lora, and thanks to all of you!

I apologize for the delay...I came up with with my list, just have to link it and shout it out!

Anecdotes and Applecores-Monet
Angie's Recipes -Angie
Books, Thoughts, and a few Adventures-Patty
Brenda's Canadian Kitchen-Brenda
Cake Duchess-Lora
Cardomom Hills
Chic Gorgeous-Jo
Citrom hab
Culorile din Farfurie-Sara
Deba Roo Roo-Debbie
Dreams of Sugarplums-Alexandria 
Food Fun Freak-Sabby
Green Girl
La Kocinera-Koci
Liv Life too-Kim
Mari's Cakes-Mari
More than a Mountfull-Chef Dennis
My Kitchen in the Rockies-Kirsten 
Priya's easy n tasty recipes-Priya
Quay Po Cooks-Veronica
Shosh's yummy foods
Susi Kochen und Backen-Susi
Shepwell Kitchen -Anne
That skinny chick can bake-Lizzy
US Masala-Aipi
Weekend Gourmet-Wendy
What's for dinner-across Statelines-Gina
Yesim Style Kitchen-Yesim

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