Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chicken Piccata...Restaurant Review, and Awards!

I only have this one photo of the Chicken Piccata, because I was not going to post this, because it was one of those simple dinners that I did not even feel like making a side dish with it other than the sauteed Broccoli Rabe, with browned garlic.

For the recipe click on the link from one year ago! Chicken Piccata
Yesterday, I shared a leftover feast with another friend of mine...which was Paella that my son-in-law, Chef Fabrizio made for dinner on his day off, for their dear friends, from next door...Dr. Eric, and his wife, children and in-laws. I did not join them, sometimes it's nice to be alone, and just chill, but I regret now, because I missed the lobster too, which I haven't eaten in such a long time! This was an incredible Paella, chicken and sausage was mostly missing, but there were plenty of mussels, and shrimp!

Last Saturday, early evening, my son took us to a favorite neighborhood bistro...the Rhythm Cafe  in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Such a fun and eclectic place with totally 50's and sixties style, original soda fountain booths from the 50's, when it was a drugstore with soda fountains and booths.
My son Joe and wife Cara frequent this little place, knowing that their neighbor/friend Bob, who is a waiter there will be attentive to them, as he is to other guests.
Chef/owner Ken makes sure that all the entrees come out perfect, fresh, and delicious!

We arrived there, at 6:00PM sharp, and by 7:30 the place was quite full. Reservations are suggested during the weekend

We got the booth in the back of the cafe, and you could see the cool eclectic artistic decor on the black walls. the ambiance was very laid back and relaxing. My son Joe and little  granddaughter Mattia, sharing a fun conversation.

My two (of 4) loves, my sweet and perfect little young ladies, so well behaved granddaughters...patiently waiting for their order.

What I thought was very interesting and unique was a wall of "prom couples" from the fifties and  sixties donated by friends, and customers.

Some favorite, and delicious tapas, chili crusted shrimps, with a mango chutney.

Another great tapas...homemade mushroom filled ravioli, with baby spinach and roasted red pepper strips, in a delightful cream sauce.

My choice of entree was the Florida-Indian inspired fish of the choice, which was a delicate white fish called Cordova.

The fish was an absolute perfection, served with coconut combined rice, and coconut sauce was amazing!
My son ordered the seared duck breast with garnished with a beautiful wine sauce, smashed potatoes and glazed carrots. The duck breast was so tender and very tasty...I tasted it, and loved it, as well!
I must confess that this is the best ever...I mean, ever Key Lime Pie I have ever ate...(next to mine, when it turns out like this, LOL) Seriously, this Key Lime Pie is homemade at the restaurant, and just look at the huge swirl of real whipped cream. I topped it off with a cup of American brewed coffee, which was equally awesome, considering I only drink, Italian, or Cuban coffee with milk.

I'm linking the Rhythm Cafe's Key Lime Pie to:

Foodie Friday # 12 @Little Brick Ranch

...and now, on to my Awards, which I'm always grateful for, it's such an honor to receive awards from your peers. I have a couple food blogger friends to thank for!  I will link a list of bloggers to pay it forward to, ASAP...tomorrow!

This beautiful  Hundred Hearts award was given to my by my dear friend Mina,

@Angellove's Cooking. Such a talented cook, and baker, she make such beautiful cakes, yeast breads...also unusual, colorful and delicious entrees, and salads. Thank you Mina, I really appreciate it!

Благодаря Зиче!!! 

I would like to thank my dear friends Nancy, and Veejay, from Kitchen Gypsies  for this Lovely Blog's way overdue to mention it! They have a beautiful blog, mostly Indian inspired cuisines, with various other American yummy dishes, and  wonderful desserts.
It's vegetarian, and truly inspiring! I truly appreciate this award...thank you for honoring me with it!

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  1. what beautiful post,, the photos to die for , honestly , such wonderful dishes wow,, very pretty grand daughters,, congrats on the awards,, well deserved,,

  2. Those meals look delicious! I'm also obsessed with key lime pie and am always on the lookout for a good recipe, I'd love to try a proper southern one :)

  3. What a gorgeous meal, I know everything tasted fabulous just by me salivating over these picture! Congrats on the awards!

  4. Great times with family, so happy you have them close and enjoy the company. I can tell it truly enriches your life! I alway enjoy seeing what you have been up to, with family, food and fun.

  5. Great recipe, mouth watering food and beautiful family!! What more can you ask for :) Congratulations on your new blog award.

  6. Awesome pix and great review! It was like I was with you at the Rhythm Cafe! :)
    Btw, congratulations on your awards, Elisabeth!

  7. Love the prom pictures wall..wonder what these couples are doing now?? Congrats on the awards and thanks for thinking of us. I'm wishing some rain your way, we have more than enough :)

  8. I love piccatas, both chicken and fish! Oh gosh..everything on this entry look so darn delicious!
    Eli, wish you a great weekend!

  9. Elizabeth, Your chicken piccata looks like perfection…I will have to give it a try! And your sons paella makes me hungry!! Great post! Have a wonderful week-end!

  10. Oh, my this post has made me extremely hungry: your chicken piccata looks fabulous, your SIL's paella to die for, and the restaurant food incredible! I want a slice of that delectable key lime pie! Congrats on your awards...I hope you know you're one of my favorite bloggers, too :)

  11. What a cool the old soda fountain feel :) And your chicken piccata looks perfect! Congratulations on you awards, always so well deserved :)
    Oh, and you gorgeous granddaughters look like the sweetest things :)Wishing you a beautiful weekend

  12. As much as I love cooking ,I totally like eating out too. Really glad to see you guys had fun and the restaurant appears like a great place to hang out :)
    You have the cutest little grand daughters ~ Hugs :)
    US Masala

  13. What a delicious post! Your chicken piccata looks absolutely divine, as does all of the other food that you've showcased. I want a slice of that pie! :)

  14. Delicious meal, every dishes is tempting. sure you make best recipes too.

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  16. Elisabeth your chicken piccata and rapini is my kind of meal. Sometimes the best meals are the simple ones which allow good ingredients to shine through on their own.
    Great pictures of your night out with the family,the food looks delicious.. thanks for sharing

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  21. Congrats Elisabeth, you totally deserve these and more!

    I love these types of posts you you. I would call them 'Ride Along' posts as I feel I'm getting to tour along with you from my house! Thanks for the arm chair travel and dining!

  22. Congrats on your awards! So deserving. What a great treat you gave me to see the wonderful food you and your family enjoyed. Everything looks so good and fresh. And your chicken piccata looks perfect (I'm hopping over to read the recipe now). Your grand daughters are beautiful! Cheers!

  23. Cara Elisabeth, io non sarei mai capace di raccontare così bene la vita attraverso il cibo, le foto e gli affetti come fai tu: sei molto brava ed è bello seguirti!!

  24. Hi Darling!!!
    Thank you for your comment in my blog,you are nice with me..:-))
    Congratulations for this picture,and food is delicious!!!
    Un bacione ciaoooo****

  25. Hi Elisabeth, congrat on the award as you really deserve it! I've heard so much of the key lime pie that I must try it one day. I tried your recipe of garlic roll yesterday and it tastes so great that we all enjoy very much. I'll put it in my blog when I have the time. Thanks for sharing.

  26. congratulations on these well deserved awards, and your rendezvous at the bistro looks fantastic, I am so loving your dish with that coconut rice. Frankly all the dishes looks beautiful. And I must say, your chicken piccata does not need any accompaniment, I bet it was as delicious as it is picture perfect...

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    We'd love for you to share this recipe with us at
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  29. Can I come with you next time, just so I can have a piece of that pie. I couldn't take my eyes off it, I bet it tasted amazing. Your piccata was a close second. Sounds like a lovely way evening, especially your company.

  30. I really enjoyed reading your review Elisabeth. Sounds like a great place. I had duck when I was in Paris and it looked nothing as good as what you had there. The key lime pie does look seriously GOOD!

  31. What a lovely post, Elisabeth!! All the photos are so :)tasty!!
    And thank you for saying so lovely words for me - you are so sweet! All your awards are rally well deserved my dearest friend!! Congratulations :)

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