New York Style Cheesecake...and Guest Post!

I am honored to be guest posting for my dear friend... Veronica, of Quay Po Cooks food blog...which is a very diverse kind of a blog that you would want to see. It always starts with Veronica's stories from friends she has met, or of a fabulous restaurant and talented chef review, or her lessons with the famous chef's, making delicious cakes. She always speaks highly of everyone, has an abundance love for her family. A very lovely, and talented person. The "Lucy" version, is a little hard for me to get, because I don't think she messes things up, or get into trouble with her sweet Western husband...that would have to say..."Lucy, dju got some splaining to do!"...on the contrary, he puts Veronica on the "pedestal"...even when she gets her Lucy "moments"

At any rate, I honestly think she has a darn good sense, and always has everything in their proper order. I met Veronica, shortly after I started my blog, a few months later... and has kept in touch, since than. She always mentions how much I helped her with advice, which I appreciate so much but honestly, we all need advice, and occasional help from friends. That's what friends are for...( a line from a song, which I can't remember right now)

Thank you Veronica, for giving me the opportunity, to guest post...while you are vacationing in beautiful California, USA!

For the actual full recipe: link to my previous post when I posted it on my blog:
click on the title: New York Style Cheesecake

...and of course, check out my guest post at Veronica's Blog!

...there's more to come re: this post! ...right now, I'm having a "Lucy moment"...ask me why?

I want to share a 'Lucy' moment with you, since we're on the subject! You see this adorable 'thank you' card, (from Veronica) and the pretty Nyonya dress?  (I think that's what is called)...'a blend of Malay and Chinese influence' which is also in foods, or it could also be Peranakan. Big words?...I did my homework!

Anyway, make a long story short...when I accepted Veronica's invitation to guest post; later, she announced to me that she's sending me a gift and needs my address...OK,  I said, 'but you don't have to send me anything'...but of course, she insisted. 'I'm sending you a nyonya dress'...I'm thinking, 'ha...what?'...what's a 'nyonya?'...or even a dress?...why does she want to send me a dress...she doesn't even know my size, and what would I be doing with a traditional 'nyonya' dress...where would I wear it? that point I didn't even ask her, but in the next e-mail she told me, she is sending me a small gift which is a fridge magnet of a traditional DRESS!

OK, so who's the Lucy here...when I was about to tell her...(oh, I love this line from Lucy show)...from Ricki!
"Lucy, dju got some splainin to do!"...yes Lucy/Veronica, why didn't you tell me in the first place...letting me think you're sending me (maybe a promotional dress)...from one of your favorite sponsors, and I can keep it for 30 days FREE?...then after that I will have to purchase an additional dress for the next 6 months?...phewww! what a relief!
None of the above, and I can get to keep the pretty dress, adorned on my Thank you Veronica, once again. If I get to meet you in person one day soon, I will take you up on your offer, for the real DRESS. (ha, ha, just kidding!
Big hugs, to you...I accept you 'just the way you are' xoxo
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