Luscious Lemon Bars...and more of Italy!

The third day I was in Italy, I decided that I want to make something truly American, since the family was asking me to make a Cheesecake...which I was not too excited about making since its so time consuming and their Philadelphia cream cheese is not nearly as good, as ours and it is way more expensive. I had a torn out page from a Southern Living magazine that had the amazing Lemon Bars and since I had the American measuring cup and spoons there I decided to make it...really well worth the short time and effort.
Never, in my wildest dreams did I think that these lemon bars would be such a huge 'hit' with the family. They have never even heard of Lemon Bars...not alone taste it! I tell you, the butter there is superb and so rich, smooth and naturally sweet. I purchased the 'farmer butter' which was in the local supermarket and proceeded to make the crust first...then the filling with the freshest farm eggs, and fresh lemon juice. This is a 'failproof' recipe if you follow it correctly. For all you 'lemon lovers'...this is a huge treat!

Here's the recipe for the Luscious Lemon Bars from Southern Living

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While I was preparing my lemon bars, Teresa was busy making her traditional Italian Sweet Bread
I can't explain...but this really isn't like a Challah bread, its more of a texture of cookie dough when it is done.
Fresh out of the oven...for every day Teresa would have some kind of breads or sweets done homemade...of course.
See what I mean about the texture? Simple, just the right good with coffee or tea!
Isn't this patio the sweetest and most charming?... with all the potted plants and some herbs. Their condo is so awesome, great patio all around, and gorgeous view of the little town.
Teresa just working her 'magic' in her little galley kitchen...but then she has a larger second kitchen downstairs where she makes her homemade salami and cured hams.
I love this photo...a view from their kitchen window...such pretty little curtains, as well!

They even have door-to-door delivery for fresh produce by a local farmer.
...and here's the little open produce truck pulled up to the building entrance.
A gorgeous and serene view from the back of the building...neighbor's tree, huge fern tree which is all over growing so high, and so beautiful.
A short walking distance scene from my daily walks.

The little brook, close up!
Such a pretty scene of the brook!
I snapped this photo overlooking from the little bridge in that same neighborhood, behind is the can hear the water fall over the rocks...such a soothing sound!
 See what I mean? awesomeness!


  1. What a great time you are having! the lemon bars look amazing!!!! how clever of you to have the recipe ready! I'm not surprised they were a hit:)) have a wonderful time!
    Mary x

  2. Love Italy!! What a different lifestyle they have than us... Enjoy yourself

  3. Csodás fotókat hoztál nagyon szép minden. A sütemény, a kenyér a virágos terasz minden nagyon barátságos szép. Kellemes pihenést!

  4. thank you for sharing your pics of Italy, I love the little grape vines pergola scene, so sweet!

  5. You are making me so hungry, lol. I do love the apartment setting there and it's so fantastic how they get fresh produce delivered to the door. I would love that! The scenery is so nice and handy to having beautiful and inspiring walks. It looks like a terrific place for you to recharge your batteries.

  6. Thank you for sharing your pictures from your trip,such a beautiful place,lemon bars looks delicious and homemade bread even better :)

  7. Those photos of Italy are just gorgeous...that brook, neighbourhood garden, patio and the produce truck...a really soothing view. The sweet tangy lemon bars look luscious and moreish!

  8. You must have hated to have had to leave Italy! Your lemon bars looks wonderful and that serving plate is gorgeous.

  9. Sok finomságot hoztál ismét. Nagyon szépek a virágok, a terasz és a táj is. Öröm lehetett is sütni-főzni :)

  10. Egyik kedvencem ez a süti, nálam is fent van, csak más recept alapján. De ezt is meg fogom sütni, gyönyörű lett:) Nagyon varázslatos kis olasz város, igazi olasz házi ízekkel, csodás nyaralás volt:) Nincs meg a recept véletlenül az olasz kalácshoz, nagyon tetszik, hogy olyan kekszes jellegű a belseje:)

  11. *drooolll* those lemon bars look amazing and I WISH I could be in that kitchen when that oven door opened with the challah bread. mmmmm! So jealous of you right now :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  12. Elisabeth, these bars look extraordinary! I love tangy desserts so I'm sure I would devour more than one portion of these. Are you surprised they liked them? Anyone would! Thank you for sharing your trip photos once more!
    As for the butter... maybe I was unlucky but butter was the only thing I found really bad in Italy compared to other countries. And I was only in the North.

  13. Your lemon bars look wonder they were a hit! And I love Teresa's gorgeous bread...I wouldn't want to go home with baked goods like that made on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos...such a lovely village.

  14. wow!!!!!!!!!!!thank you for sharing this amazing post at the hop. Welcome home! xo

  15. Oh wow I'd love to live there, what a lovely life that would be. Such magical pics Elisabeth! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Oh and lemon bars = win! Love lemony things.

  16. Ciaoooo!!!!!!!!!! :-))
    Beautiful foto from my Italy..congratulation!!!!
    I' m glad you visting my land.. :-))
    Ciao big kiss and hug to you and complimenti for your cake,delicious!!!! :P

  17. Beautiful photos and I can certainly see why your family loved the lemon bars, they look amazing. one of my favorite treats EVER!

  18. Gyönyörű képeket hoztál! A citromos süti a kedvencem, imádom! :)

  19. you one lucky lady, your bars a superb! Love the photos hope your enjoying this time of your life! I am so jealous! Bless all of you with health and good times... hugs!

  20. Elisabeth, I have really got to try your Lemon Bars! They do look so yummy. But then again, aren't I supposed to be on a diet? I'll pretend that I forgot. Hah! Hah!

  21. Oh Elizabeth, Your Lemon Bars are gorgeous looking. I can see why they would be such a hit! And your photos are just wonderful…I also love the one of the kitchen window with the lace curtains!

  22. Nagyon régen voltam Olaszországban, pedig nagyon szép hely. Varászlatos kis település! Finomakat sütöttél! Kellemes pihenést!

  23. are you back already from italy? the road looks so clean and everywhere looks just so relaxing!

  24. Nagyon finom süteménnyel kényeztetted el a vendéglátóidat, biztosan nagy sikered volt vele. Na, persze azok a kalácsok is igazán kívánatosak. Köszönöm, hogy megosztottad ezt a néhány fotót, csodaszépek, és csodálatos nyaralásod lehetett.

  25. What a lovely place -- I am not surprised your lemon bars were a hit

  26. Hi my dear Elisabeth, thanks for the lovely pictures, beautiful scenery. Love to see those beautiful plants in the patio. :))

    Your lemon bar look really good and irresistible. Looking at it, I'm sure it taste heavenly. I'm sure it disappear very fast too. :))
    Great to go with coffee.

    Have a nice week ahead. With lots of love and big hugs to you.


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