Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spicy Chickpea Soup with Egg Noodles

Homemade Spicy Chickpea Soup, from 'scratch' bet!
It's been almost a week now, since I last photographed the beautiful beach 'sunrise'. I just did not have the desire to even photograph anything I have cooked or baked. It takes time, effort, and either the proper light for food photos, you should not even waste your time. Both of my children and I have started to have dinner once or twice a week since a year ago...a new 'tradition'... (just us, and the four grandchildren, on a weeknight... it's really a special event for us. to have this time and reminisce about the past when they were little...sharing stories for my grand kids!
Unfortunately, some Nostalgic stories, and memories do 'pull my heartstrings'...seeing them as adults with their young children; watching the years passing by before our eyes. You have to keep in mind that the past no longer has a 'life force'...IT IS's the current situation that is in your hands. You can reminisce all you want about the past...regret the things that went is the only part of your life that you cannot change!

 I realized that Nostalgia does not...has not make us happier...dwelling on the past Our life is like 'chapters' in a novel...a 'never ending novel' learning from that long journey we took...leaving the past behind...greeting each morning as we awaken. Learning lessons of the past...being who you are today, and not who you were 'yesterday'! Our past should not define us who we were yesterday!

I felt the need to make a soup, today... I'm so glad I had all the ingredients in pantry, fridge, freezer, and cupboard...just had to make the decision...bake, or cook something soup is always the right choice, with a sandwich!

Homemade soup of any kind is so easy to make...just have either homemade broth, canned, or in a carton...chicken, or vegetable broth, onion, garlic, celery, parsley, carrots, tomatoes, and canned beans, or frozen vegetables of your choice.
Here's my easy method:

Saute chopped onion, 2 cloves sliced, or chopped garlic, along with chopped celery in reg. olive, or vegetable oil.(also, a few scraped and sliced carrots) Add crushed red pepper flakes, dried oregano, cumin powder, dried parsley, salt and pepper to taste...

 (I didn't have fresh parsley) 1 Tbsp. of paprika paste, (tomato paste works well, or 1 Tbsp. of  paprika powder) 1 bay leaf...saute until onion is translucent, add a small amount of broth (32 ozs. in total broth)..Also, you can add frozen sliced carrots, abt 12 ozs. (I added frozen crinkle sliced carrots)....let the vegetable cook for another 15 min.

Add fresh chopped tomatoes...or canned diced tomatoes...tomato sauce works well,
You can add 1 15 oz. can tomato sauce in place of the (canned, or fresh diced tomato...I used Italian POMI strained tomatoes, about 1/2 container.

 Bring it to a boil, and now, add 2 cans of chickpeas, or garbanzo (same thing)...let it boil again, and add about 1/4 pkg of a 1lb. bag of egg, (or no yolk noodles)...let the noodles cook right in the soup for about 12 min. and it will be perfectly cooked...and delicious! When soup cools down, you can save them in plastic containers...even better re-heated~

I'm sharing with some really awesome 'thrift' finds with you...which I haven't in a while. I have a friend that does not approve of  buying someone's 'used' things...but the reality of it, and the most fun of it is that the majority of these wonderful useful things are donated by people who have paid 'good money' for the stuff, and most of the items are almost...if not 'new'...or barely used.
Every item has a 'story' behind it...where it came from, and why? was donated!

Just look at the bottom of this adorable little saucepan...LE CREUSET...made in France~
I love, love, Le Creuset pots, and pans. I bought a lasagna pan, and a skillet in the past few years (gave it to my daughter, she loves it)
The quality of this brand is 'unmatched'...cost 'an arm and a leg' expensive. very heavy cast iron, coated with super heavy just tastes better, in Le Creuset. This particular little saucepan is an 'oldie, but goodie'...cost @ Goodwill, $6.99

I posted about these whimsical waiters, carrying bottles of artist; Guy Bulut

I have this awesome and 'conversation' print hanging on my dining room wall for at least 3yrs now. Very well mounted, and framed, even with the wire hanger on the back. ($24.99)

So, what are the chances of finding another 'Bulut' print...3yrs later?...waiters in a Paris Café...I love this matching well mounted and framed....couldn't just hang it simply...had to have it drilled with 'heavy duty hanger'...what a superb find...($29.99) ...worth so much more, and in great condition.

 A close up of this amazing print...such a 'conversation peace'...makes you feel like you're sitting in that French Café...just where I would love to be someday...soon!

Well, enough posting for now...I'll be watching the Winter Olympics from Russia ...and all day tomorrow!
Have a wonderful weekend! xo



  1. Homemade soup - all the time!
    Paris - yes!

  2. it's so cold here and that soup makes me want the bowl now!

  3. Még nem ettem ilyen csicseriborsó levest, de nagyon, nagyon guszta:) Nagyon tetszik a kis tálkád is, no meg a képek is:) További szép hétvégét, puszillak :)

  4. A delicious looking soup Elizabeth. I'm sitting by the fire as I write, it would be perfect if I had a bowl of this!

  5. Just cooked a whole pot of chickpeas...planning to make a salad with some, might just save some for the soup. Yours looks really comforting and delicious, Lizzie.

  6. Sosem ettem csicseri levest. Minden esetre nagyon guszta! Igazi magyaros leveske, szép piros színnel! Nagyon guszta, biztos ki fogom egyszer próbálni!

  7. Nagyon finom levest főztél, annyira guszta! :) Melengető már a színe is! :)

  8. What a lovely rich, flavourful soup with chickpeas, so healthy too.

    I love your prints, such a cool find!

    I'm afraid I'm a nostalgic person but I try not to dwell too much, just think of the good times occasionally if I hear a song or watch a movie from when I was younger.

  9. Such sage advice, my friend. And I love your weekly tradition of a family meal. I hope to do that one day when I have grandchildren. You are very blessed. And your soup looks's definitely soup weather up north :) xoxo

  10. How I wish all of my children lived close enough to have dinner with me! You are blessed to have them so near. The soup looks inviting- soups have been a staple in my house all winter! Awesome thrift finds! I love going "treasure" hunting. :)

  11. Hi Elisabeth,

    You must been busy cooking for your extended family...I bet that your Le Creuset pots and pans will come in handy. I'm a big fan of Le Creuset but my husband can't really appreciate its beauty and price tag and didn't allow me to buy one... *sad*

    Having thoughts of the way you describes the meaning of Nostalgia... I wouldn't dwell any pasts if it is the bad kind of Nostalgia but love to appreciate good memories. We only live once, don't we? :)


  12. Csuda finom lehetett ez a leves, már ránézésre is ínycsiklandó! Szívesen megkóstolnám, annyira jól néz ki! Még én sem ettem csicseriborsót....

  13. What a nostalgic post... The soup looks so comforting and homely... There is nothing better to improve our mood (especially when it's cold, though I suppose "cold" doesn't mean the same in your region ;-) ). Nowadays I constantly have home-made stock, so soups are served quite often. I especially like them for lunch. It gives me energy to work and warmth for the following hours.
    Le Creuset is an incredible find indeed! One of the rare brands I would happily buy second hand because it just never dies. I have never bought Le Creuset pans because they are awfully expensive (I don't talk about the new cheap range made in China, which works only for the oven, but the classical pans that go to the oven and on the stovetop). Great hunt!

  14. this soup looks so comforting, I love when a soup has a kick! Those prints are so lovely, definitely a great conversation piece!! I must do some thrift shopping soon, I really do not have much cooking ware, only one pyrex pan, and you have inspired me to go and search out and build a beautiful collection!!! It's going to be a warm week here, near 60....not bad considering snow last week! stop on by, I'm hosting a giveaway!! love to you sweet bella

  15. Nice soup the chickpeas and yes, nothing beats homemade soup, especially when it is cold.
    What a nice finding...I have a few pieces of Le Creuset, but do not use often...maybe because it is heavy...
    Oh! Nice prints...
    Hope you are enjoying the Winter Olympics :D

  16. Elisabeth, that is certainly a very heart warming if not stomach warming soup! The colour itself conjures or rather conveys the fact that this is a very tasty and wholesome soup! So simple and yet so good :) It is wonderful that you can spend time with your children and grandchildren. Oh, your snapshots of the sunrise at the beach were outstanding! I have never had an opportunity to see the sunrise at the beach, more out of sheer laziness to get up so early in the morning :)

  17. Oh Elizabeth…wonderful post! How wonderful to have your children close enough to enjoy dinner together every week…lucky you! Your soup looks like the perfect comfort food for all the cold, snowy weather that has been battering the east coast!
    And last but not least…I love, love, love your le creuset pot…6.99…wow, what a find!! Have a great day my friend!

  18. Tetszik a post, a leves és a Le Creuset edények úgy "am block"


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