Coconut Chocolate Brandy Crackles...and Awards

I was browsing through Konstant Kraver @ The Sweet Tooth Chronicles
blog last week, and I happened to bump into this yummy dessert...which is a "no bake"...and oh, so easy to make. With the permission of Konstant Kraver. I befriended Konstant Kraver through Foodbuzz, a while back, and have been admiring her's/his gorgeous and fun desserts, but lost touch, even though we are following each other's blogs. If you do not comment on another's blog, chances are they will not comment on yours, either.

There's way too many food blogs out there and sometimes it's hard to keep up. I'm one of those people that like to make friends easily, but as the saying goes..."it takes two to tango"...if  they don't want to continue, there's nothing you can do to force the issue. Again, I have to mention the Guest Post issue...if this is a guest post, then it's "an animal of a different breed"...because, I don't require my guests to do anything or make anything other than what catches MY EYE...and ask them if I could feature that on my blog, and mention their blog, of course. It's that easy!

They don't have to do any "write up" to be "gushing" about me, or my blog, it's my HONOR to represent them!
I bought all the ingredients to make this easy, fun, and yummy dessert...Kellog's Rice Krispies is what you need, and the rest of the ingredients, you are most likely to have on hand, except for the flaked coconut, which I had to buy. Do try this recipe out, and do visit Konstan't Kravor's The Sweet Tooth Chronicles, and mention that I sent you...and be a friend, and follow their blog, as well!

I would like to share this dessert with you, and for the recipe, click over to Konstant Kraver's blog.

Just so we're on the same page and  understanding, Konstant Kraver left me a comment on Foodbuzz, regarding the use of the fabulous photos, and link to the recipe!

« back to inbox . .. KonstantKraver has left you a comment!

Apr. 29, 2011 at 08:39 PM..

Thanks again for the lovely comments :) I would love for you to use the photo :)!! Thanks again

Recipe for:Coconut Chocolate Brandy Crackles

Now, a Peek Preview of my Soba Noodles Salad with Broccoli Florets, and Spicy  Tofu...which will have to take a "back seat"...till the next posting!
Now, on to the Awards: 
I received this beautiful award from Parsley Sage
@The Deep Dish
a couple weeks ago, and would like to pay it forward!

Konstant Kraver-The Sweet Tooth Chronicles
Becky-Baking and Cooking, A Tale of Two Loves
Mina-Angellove's Cooking
Kathy-Bakeaway With Me
Patty-Patty's Food
Bianca-Little Brick Ranch
Claudia-Pegasuslegend-What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine
Heather-Pass the Cayenne Pepper Please
Bianka-Kiskonyhám Izei
Kati-Makacska Konyhája
Michael-Me, My Food and I
Tina-Pinay in Texas Cooking Corner
Lani-Food Cooking & Capturing
Lin Ann-Vittles and Committals

Congratulations to all, and I wish I could have more time to link up a lot more, but unfortunately it takes so much time, and you all deserve the award...also, I would like to thank the person who started this award, and passed it on! ...Let me know if you see this message, because this is so "awesome!"...a genius idea...8 awards, in 1...or you can break it up, but then again, why would you?
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