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Plum Upside-Down Cake

Since I've been food blogging for the last two years...I have not been thinking about that I would actually say,
"I have to bake something for my food blog"...hmm! wonder why did I say that to my daughter Lora, yesterday morning?
She told me the other day that her food blog is getting to be expensive...well, the reason for that is: She bakes every single day...really! There isn't a day that goes by when she does not bake...if nothing else, but the 'staple' banana bread, or homemade pancakes!
I was hoping to get this post up by yesterday...Friday, knowing that I did not have anything else worthwhile to post and that I don't do much baking cakes...although I love to put simple and yummy quick and easy desserts together!
We have such an abundance of plums...not the deep purple Italian ones, but the round ones which are so perfect just by themselves to snack on (which I did eat 3 yesterday)...and decide to make something with it. No time to start browsing through my cookbooks, old recipes, or favorite food bloggers' what do you do first, if you don't have the basic recipe on hand?...The Internet...yes, that's the fastest way to google a recipe and do some adaptations of your own, which I did a little on my cake. Since I made this for my blog...still smiling to myself
about that one, I only kept one large piece for myself and shared the rest with my family.

Yesterday was such a stormy day on-and-off, with tropical storm Isaac on our heels by Sunday night...hopefully it's not turning into a hurricane!

Good day to be cooking and baking when you're stuck inside. I did go out on my balcony to take some photos of the beach, the clouds, and no less than 30 minutes wind, and a storm, but the worst is yet to come! We'll just have to be prepaired and be safe.

As you see, for my baking, I like to chose a comfy-cozy home type of dessert. For me they are super easy to make, and I do believe it will be easy for you, if you follow my easy and handy little tips. Don't let the layering of this beautiful upside-down all American simple cake intimidate you...and I DO recommend that you make this from 'scratch' and not from a mix, although I do use cake mixes, only to 'doctor' them up!
Here's the link to this awesome and easy cake!

Plum Upside-Down Cake 

Plum Upside Down on, for the recipe

I did very little adaptation. I omitted the honey! The 1 cup of golden brown sugar was just need to have it sweeter, and the glaze from the sugar and butter worked out fine. If you don't have a cast iron skillet that you could bake it in, just proceed with the recipe.

My cast iron skillet is an "Emeril" brand (not thrift find)
purchased it online from the HSN home shopping network! A 9x9 inch corn bread skillet, or for any other cooking...already pre-seasoned, so you don't have to do all that, just maintaining it!
I also sprinkled some cinnamon powder on the top of the fruit, that the recipe does not call for.

First, start out with the dry ingredients to mix together in a small bowl...then with an electric mixer, mix your butter with the sugar, (I used 1/2 cup sugar) less than what the recipe calls for, which is 1 cup.

Add the eggs, one at a time while mixing. Alternately add the flour, and the milk, mixing it into the sugar-butter mixture until it has a nice thick creamy consistency, as in the photo.

Make sure the oven is preheated to 350 degrees F.

With a plastic, or rubber cake spatula, spoon on top of the fruit...making sure to cover the entire fruit...caution!
this is NOT  a Cobbler mix, it is a CAKE be sure to cover the entire portion...being careful to spread the batter and not to push it down into the fruit and the glaze, disturbing it!

Using a rubber spatula will make it easier for you to scrape out all the batter from the bowl.

Well...we're getting there!

Try to get the batter as close to the edge of the pan, as possible. I was already concerned about the batter sinking into the fruit mixture...which some will, at baking time, but that's the beauty of it.

My actual done not uploading...but here's the finish part where you invert the cake over your serving platter:

Here's the real great TIP: Bake at 350 degrees F. for the first 30 minutes...lower the temperature to 325 d. F.
for an additional 30 minutes. If your oven is correct, than that is the exact time you need. When you take cake out of the oven, let it sit in the pan on top of a metal rack for 30 minutes. Make sure to take a dull knife to go around the cake to loosen it, before inverting it!

Just look it the golden bronze color of the fruit, and the part of the cake! Moist, perfectly sweet, and over the top delicious, that you will impress your family and your guest with...even more; Impress yourself, and pat yourself on the shoulder! Great job! Looks like you slaved away for hours making this amazing cake...but you know you didn't!

The cake is super easy to make...only takes 1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour...that is why it isn't taller, but that is the correct portion you need. Just make sure you have enough fruit overlapping..

A little close up...just to try it out...I took a bite from the piece I saved for myself...and could not stop eating it. BTW-best way to serve this would be still warm! With a scoop of vanilla ice cream (which I didn't have...and you're in 'heave'...well I already felt like I was there...incredibly yummy! Did I convince you now to make it? can substitute fresh peaches if you don't like plums!
So, I'm guilty...but happy guilty...could not resist just one bite, or even half the portion...had this super  yummy cake for lunch, with a tall glass of ice cold fat-free milk!

More for later...will let you know how our weekend went with ISAAC...and on Monday paying us a visit!

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