Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spicy South Florida Salsa

Hi everyone! I'm not trying to promote a product...but I must admit that I do love Tostitos Tortilla Chips, especially the new one which is infused with a 'hint of lime'!
I've been away for another 2 weeks at least...family obligations, and 'life in general' which really kept me from even opening my computer!
I have so much to share with you; but I've been really 'slacking off' with my food photography these days. I have made some really fabulous dishes for my family...but the only problem was... the photographic side of it...which I was unprepared for... to take,  before...or during!
I could not resist sharing this yummy, fresh and healthy Salsa...the spices are just right, just dig into all that goodness with a great sturdy and crunchy chip!

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor's Day weekend holiday...as we also enjoyed, with partial rain, and of course sunshine right after that! ...'typical South Florida weather.

Spicy South Florida Salsa
recipe, by; Elisabeth

6 -8 Roma, or Plum tomatoes diced
2 jalapeno peppers, seeded, and diced
1 bunch of scallions, cleaned, and sliced
juice of 2 limes
1 teaspoon cumin powder
dash of hot pepper
salt and pepper to taste
a handful of fresh cilantro, cleaned of stems

Add all the ingredients in a large food processor container.

Pulse...(do not process!)...just pulse for 2 times, short, making sure that some chunks remain! Finish, by adjusting seasoning, if needed. Ready to serve with tortilla chips of your choice!

I visited a Goodwill thrift store...other than my local area...and 'lo and behold'...hit the 'jackpot'! September 2014 issues (except or the Eat Smart, which was from June 2014)
I could not believe my eyes...who would donate a 'brand new issue' of these popular magazines!...especially when they cost at least $5.99...and Goodwill price is 79 cents for all paper backs!...sure will have fun reading them and checking for new ideas and recipes!
Here's how part of our Labor Day went...rain for about an hour, (view from my balcony)...and a perfectly beautiful sunshine for the rest of the day!
The rest of the day turned out to be beautiful, sunny, and perfect 'beach weather'...enjoyed by my family!
Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! xoxo
(not making excuses for staying away, and not posting and commenting!...long story)


  1. Salsa looks awesome..and ur photography looks great too.but where is the recipe?

  2. Hi Suhaina, check again! Recipe did not show up the first time...totally disappeared, so I had to re-write it again! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  3. Elisabeth, your salsa looks almost drinkable hah..hah...I love salsa and I would most likely eat a whole bag of the tortilla chips with it. I know, I know...the chips are not exactly something healthy but the salsa is!

    1. Phong Hong, you cannot have salsa without chips. and I've always loved Tostitos chips, especially this one with a hint of lime. It only has 1g. of saturated fat, 0 trans fat, low in sodium...125 mg. less than 1 g. of sugar...now how can that be so unhealthy for you?
      ...and you can even literally eat this yummy salsa by the spoonful; so good!

  4. This homemade salsa is much better than the bottle one. How much I love seeing the Sunshine in your photo and I'm glad it's finally spring in Australia!

  5. Örülök, hogy újra itt, és hogy ismét egy finomságot hoztál!
    Jó nézni a napsütötte tengert :-) Nálunk is sokat esik mostanában, de általában az egész nyáron sokat esett. Jöhetne a vénasszonyok nyara :-)

  6. This looks perfect for our Friday night drinks Elisabeth :)

    Those chips look delicious too!


  7. Örülök ,hogy újra a fedélzeten vagy!:)) És megint egy finomságot hoztál nekünk! Az eső itt is sokat esik, már nem kéne pedig!! Remélem jól vagy! ? Ölellek és puszillak:-))

  8. Pass the spoon over, please! Your spicy salsa looks fantastic, Elisabeth.

  9. Yum...now I am hungry for chips and salsa! What about an ipad? Then pictures would be so easy!

    And sometimes friends and family can be toxic...you need time away!

    1. Patty, my 8yr old grandson has the I-pad; looks like I have to buy on for myself. I always have my camera handy and ready...but as soon as they see me bring it out, they all 'freak' out!...lol

      Well, you made a point there...but the 'toxic' part is entirely another incident!

    2. correction: buy ONE! Also need an I-Phone which my 13yr old Gabby has, a lap-top, a Note Pad. All I have is my PC and camera which I need to upgrade, as well!

  10. Ciao tesoro!!!:-)
    How are you??
    Sembra essere deliziosa e stuzzicante la tua salsa,da provare,magari davanti un bel film,congratulations!!!
    Kisses see you soon <3

  11. This salsa looks so fresh and delicious, Elizabeth! Love the way you served it…very pretty! Have a great week!

  12. Beautiful and tasty salsa Elisabeth...I love it!
    Hope you are enjoying your week :D

  13. Hi Elisabeth!
    It's wonderful to "see" you!!! It's been pretty crazy around here too but finally getting back to a little normalcy:)

    Oh how I love Salsa! Great ingredients in this recipe. Ooo la la...Great find with those magazines. I love skimming through them. Lucky for us our post office has a magazine swap. You leave some take some. I do it all the time. Today I picked up some English magazines and a few issues of Victoria at a yard sale. When I'm done with them, off to the post office!!!

    Thanks for sharing this recipe, Elisabeth...I would love some right now:)

  14. hi elisabeth, i have made salsa weeks back and ate that more like a salad. Thanks for sharing your tomato salsa recipe, i can imagine how nice this is to go with the chips, nice chnage too from the usual dip! i have not been logging on to blogger too for the past few 2 days :)

  15. De jó újra látni Téged! És megint egy finomság. Nálunk a fiam szokott ezekkel a szószokkal kísérletezgetni, ő oda van értük. Majd meg is mutatom neki a recepted. Itt elég rossz volt az idő egész Augusztusban. Valahogy nem volt nyár. Most meg már lassan ősz van...

  16. Salsa, chips, rainy outside, warm family with us.. what else do we looking for more?? just love your salsa Liz.. will try it with my turkish pide soon :)

  17. Elizabeth,

    Your salsa looks so inviting. We love lime chips, but will have to try the Tostitos.

    Good to see you on the blog again. I, too have been hit or miss on my blog. Life gets in the way of blogging. I can totally relate to you on that. Have a good week, my friend.

  18. Wow! The day ended beautifully weatherwise. Just spectacular.

    I love the look of your salsa. I make it at home quite often but over process it so I like your tip about pulsing it twice. That look like it gives the perfect consistency.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for visiting my blog. xx

  19. Hi Elizabeth,

    Nice to hear from you at your blog and mine :D

    No worries at all. I see your point as you are sharing a good product that you like... Yum yum!!!

    Yesterday, we just a massive downpour like the one you had in your picture... It is quite rare that Melbourne is getting this super wet and crazy weather. It is normally dry and sometimes windy here!


  20. Thanks everyone for your kind comment! I will visit and comment on each and every one's blog, right after I finish my new post to upload! We're having another huge downpour right now again, and the temperature dropped quite a bit! xo

  21. Hi Elisabeth, your spicy salsa look awesome... with the chips I'm sure hard to stop eating. LOL
    You found treasure again from the thrift shop, really value for money. But if the goods are usable, new and value for money why not!

    The beach picture is very nice. Best regards. Hugs to you.