Thursday, January 27, 2011

Angel Food Cake and an Award for Angels

While I realize this is not Spring or Summer...but after all, this is South Florida, and we cannot deny how blessed we are, not to be trying to dig ourselves out of the snow, being stuck in our homes, or even worse, stranded on the highway because of the impossible driving conditions. I feel for all of you, who are in this situation. Almost hate to say..."been there, done that"...when our last snow storm in the seventies while still a very young couple, me still in my early twenties... with a tiny toddler, less than 2yrs old... visiting my aunt and uncle for the Christmas holidays, glorious Florida sunshine, and 75 degrees in December...pure heaven! Returning back to Cleveland to the that point, we decided...
Florida, "here we come!"...and made the big move!, the rest is history!...over 35 years in the tropical climate, and would not change 1 minute of it, except for a "White Christmas."

This is all you do...1 ready made angel food cake, 1 container of sliced sweetened, frozen strawberries, 1 container of Cool Whip...we all know what Cool Whip is, sorry-but it may sound terrible, and unhealthy, but my children have grown up, and love...we all love the frozen whipped topping, that is oh, so good, and you can concoct it into so many dessert. I actually heavy whipping cream but saved it to use for another dessert, which is totally home made. I am not going to lie to you, but you will not regret making this wonderful light dessert, that will disappear within minutes. Cut the angel food cake in half, scoop out some chunks from the middle, and mix it with half of the frozen whipped topping (get the large size Cool Whip) mine is a med. size, did not have enough to spread the entire cake, but it's not too bad. Fold in the thawed out strawberries, and spread it on the bottom part of the cake.

This is the finished result...just add some fresh beautiful ripe whole strawberries...would be even nicer dipped into chocolate, which in this case does not require; like I mentioned, the cake will disappear...within minutes! Enjoy!


Cool Whip

Cool Whip logo for brand section
Cool Whip created the frozen, whipped "non dairy"
 whipped topping... category in the supermarket and many Americans can't imagine a holiday without it. While pumpkin pie wouldn't be the same without a dollop, Cool Whip is very versatile and consumers use it in desserts, sweet dips and salads.

I happened to click over to Sandra's blog, from Sandra's Easy Cooking  a few days ago, and to my surprise, I noticed the beautiful widget, Called...Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I said to myself..."hmm, I've never seen an award like that" I scrolled down to the meticulous alphabetical list, and my heart just skipped a beat! Wow, my name was on it! I really did get a bit emotional, because I saw all this list of talented food blogger ladies, and I am so honored to be a part of the list from around the world, but mostly so proud to have been chosen by Sandra, because she has such an amazingly beautiful blog, she is so, so talented, such a beautiful "SISTER" of the food blogs, that whatever she creates, makes you drool, her recipes are so clearly defined with beautiful photos, that you cannot miss, and do want to make all the fabulous dishes, and over the top yummy desserts she posts.

Thank you so very much, Sandra certainly made my day, and I am so thrilled to pay the award forward to my favorite food blogger SISTERS around the globe, whom I would love to meet in person, to sit down...chit, chat, over a nice cup of tea, or coffee with a wonderful dessert, and just talk about whatever comes to mind, and share stories...sigh...this is such a nice dream, that could come true!


Doesn't this sound beautiful?...I really wanted to call it the ANGELS, in my book, it is the

"What a treasured gift to have a friend who knows how to empathize. She laughs with you when you're happy and cries with you when you're sad. A friend like this is a rare jewel indeed" 

Only one catch:...I'm compiling my list, so I'm really not ready with it yet, because there will be numerous SISTERS on it from all over the United States, Canada, England, Romania, Malaysia, India, Hungary, Bulgaria, Australia, Italy, France, Dominican Republic, Thailand, and several other countries (I think)...just please bear with me, and in the next two days, I will present the award, on a separate post!
Have a wonderful day my sisters, my friends!...try to stay warm...sending Florida sunshine, your way!
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