Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old-Fashioned Date and Nut Bread-Cookbook Sundays

Not again, not another banana bread?'re probably wondering. Well it's not, it is a super wonderful Date bread, with walnuts, from another "thrift find" book of mine, which cost only $2.49, from Goodwill. This book does not have any pictures, it is, what it is! Just simple, and I love it, because these are recipes from backs of labels on cans, boxes,  jars, you name it...these are the forgotten, and tossed away recipes, compiled into one super great book.

I made this bread for my family, to have with their extremely early breakfast at about 4:00AM, for their caffe latte. They were rushing off to catch their plane to New York's beyond me...why at this time for the year, would you wand to spend 3 days in snow, ice, and sleet in the city? ...the answer is...NEW YORK, NEW YORK..."the city, that never sleeps". It's a city that welcomes you 365 days a year, and 24/7. Also when you are in the restaurant business, as my son-in-law is, He likes to check out the restaurants in Miami, and the best ones, in New York.

I am staying away from the extreme cold and snow, but for them, it's an adventure. The little ones have never seen snow. My children got all bundled up in their snugly winter gear, from head to toe. For the last three days my daughter Lora was gathering stuff for them from her friend who has children their age. Her friend and little family spend every Christmas in Idaho with their family, so obviously they have all the winter clothes.
I've been away from the cold climate in Ohio for over 35 years, and that's a long time. Your blood thins out when you are not used to such cold weather, they say. We had our lowest temperature here, in South Florida, which is a record low of 29 degrees with a 12 degree wind chill, which cooled it even more into the teens. I was not about to budge and venture out that day.

So, I'm standing at the checkout at Goodwill, I suddenly notice the man across the counter standing there with a parrot on his shoulder. He, he, only in "Florida" do you see all kinds of people with their diffirent pets in stores...I always carry my camera...never know what kind of encounter I run into, grabbed my camera out of my purse, and could not resist taking a close up. As you can see, my purse is still open, and my "thrift finds" are ready to be purchased.

The famous Russian stackable dolls, is what I call them-don't know the name, but this is one of the largest I'v seen, such a "handcraft"...only one little flaw, only consists of two pieces, and not the smaller, and tiny ones. Cost, $5.99...that is a super bargain...seriously. I've seen one set in a consignment antique shop that was half the size, and not this good of a quality, because this is thicker, heavier, and the artwork is much more superior. That other one cost at the antique shop $22.99. I'm going to do a giveaway on this, if I get interested bloggers who would like it. The stackable shelves, are 100% bamboo, original price per set of 3, is still on it, for $24.99, I paid $3.96 for each...that's another bargain.

The gentleman was nice enough to let me take a photo of him and the pretty pink parrot, I asked him if the parrot talks...he said no "I do the talking for him"...sometimes it's better this way, no telling what these parrots repeat when their owner does not expect it!

I snapped the picture so fast, did not want to be to obvious, but Manager John, behind the counter, and the other young man, who is an employee, where eager to be in the picture...I even told them that I will post this on my blog, so they were gracious and even smiled!...You meet all kinds of people in this store especially...for some reason, and that reason is, they have the best wares, pictures, toys, books, clothes, shoes, you name it, they have everything, and even the "mega rich" go there, to look for books, and "neckties" and belts?...hmm wonder why?...I saw the couple drive away in their Mercedes!

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