Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Spring has arrived, and so have Easter, which came early this year! What is more befitting than to make everyone's favorite Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting...and the best part is to top it off with Shredded Sweetened Coconut, and the best...of the best part of this fabulous cake is
the Candied-Spiced Walnuts
which I happened to think of at the last minute! You can certainly skip the spice, and just go with the sweet, and crunchy glaze. Once they are dry and separated, it can be easy spread on the cake for decoration and an added yumminess that I guarantee will be the first to disappear before cutting the cake!

This was our first Easter holiday without family and friends, and not a very comforting feeling to all of a sudden just have a complete change. Just like from childhood, mine and yours perhaps, we can see the changes that are happening in our lives when it comes to the holidays that are spent with our loved ones and friends, and one day...everything changes, just like it did this year! Death of a loved one, family being separated from each other, dearest friends moving away across the United States whom you've been close to and spending the last 15 years each holiday, and now...gone, perhaps forever; very sad, but total reality which we must learn to adjust to!

Note: the only change I made to this recipe...I used 1 cup of canola oil (instead of 1 1/2 cup)...I omitted the sour cream. My addition was the shredded coconut, and the Candied Walnuts for decoration!

We have to appreciate everything in life...the small and simple things especially, family, friends, and our health, which is not to be taken for granted! Learn to be happy with ourselves, and one-another is the key to life's simple pleasures! I don't always have the energy or passion to cook and bake at home since this is what I have been doing for decades as a professional career, but I always make an exception to do my best for family and friends if the occasion calls for it. No holiday has gone by without my contribution to a special occasion, and that will always go on as long as I can physically make it happen. It brings me joy, and contentment to see the smiles on the faces of the people I love!
As the lyric of the song goes..."I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden"...we are not promised a rose garden, but we can certainly enjoy one, especially this particular one from 2 years ago when I visited extended family in Como, Italy. Could not believe my eyes, and how much joy it gave me to enjoy this beautiful little rose garden on a tiny little balcony overlooking a spectacular tall mountain, so actually I fared better, and I was promised a 'rose garden' ...and much more than and devotion from a beautiful Italian family!
This beautiful white rose was from 'the actual' rose garden of Teresa...she so lovingly takes care of them, and they in return give so much peace and beauty for all eyes to gaze upon them!
I picked these gorgeous roses from the rose garden to put them in water, to enjoy!

As another saying goes..."stop and smell the roses"...yes indeed, you should take time to stop and smell the roses, whenever, wherever you might get the chance to do so. The only ones that really matter with such a beautiful perfume fragrance of their own are the ones that are naturally growing in a garden, and when you get the chance, don't pass them by!

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to enjoy 'life's simple pleasures' this gorgeous scene looking out from the back of the house...never, ever, pass up the opportunity to find beauty in nature which are the simplest gifts from nature. You will never see the most beautiful healthy and the tallest pine trees, like in northern Italy, in the Como, and Lago di Como region. I was fortunate to spend 2 weeks there and loved every minute of it. I am so happy to share this with all my blogger friends!


  1. you are right, in this world small things are important rather than big monetary benefits. Yes it is difficult to celebrate festivals when we miss loved ones. Hope your Easter turned out be a good one.
    Love this carrot cake with cream cheese topped with sweetened coconut calling my name.

  2. Dear Elisabeth , thank you for sharing the beautiful roses and a gorgeous view from the balcony . It is hard to lose a love one or friend , remember they are not gone or forgotten , they live on and forever in your heart .
    The cake looks deliciously tasty , have to make it , thanks for sharing , :) Nee

  3. Such a heartfelt post, Elisabeth:) You are so brave to carry on in such a short time. I know how difficult it must have been and yet, you still find the joy in life's glimmering gifts.

    As for that cake, well, I'll take a slice or two. Oh, it's gone, lol...Why am I not surprised. Better pin it:)

    Thanks for sharing, Elisabeth...

  4. So much truth in your words---you just don't know what's ahead, so it's best to savor the special moments day to day. Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts and yours is a winner! I will have to try garnishing with candied walnuts---that sounds phenomenal!!! xoxo

  5. Elisabeth, I love your Carrot Cake! I will pick out the walnuts first before I enjoy the cake hah..hah.. And your roses, oh my! They are so gorgeous! Well, I do hope you take a day at a time. That's how it is with life, losing our loved ones is never easy to accept.

  6. When did I last have a slice carrot cake? I miss it! This looks ever so tempting with the sweetened coconut shreds, Elisabeth. And you are so right that we should not take good health for granted..that's why I have never stopped training myself, be a light workout, or some fun HIIT or challenging strength training. Continue to enjoy the beautiful spring!

  7. what a gorgeous view you have at your back side of house Elisabeth. And those roses really festive the spring. btw, I'm craving some candied spiced walnut after seeing yours here, would love to try Ridwan's recipe too! ^,^

  8. It looks very good I like carrot cakes !

    1. So nice to see you back, commenting on my blog, Ola! Will stop by your blog to check up with you!

  9. The roses are lovely and so special...and the carrot cake! Well it's almost too pretty to eat. And we all do need to enjoy each day...a moment at a time.

  10. Okay, that cake looks delicious! My absolute favorite recipe is carrot cake, so I would just devour this!

  11. Life is not always easy, but you always have to keep moving on. Your carrot cake looks yummy! I love the candied spiced walnuts. Take Care!!

  12. Such a lovely post, Elizabeth! Your roses are simply gorgeous…I would love to have a rose garden. Sorry this has been a tough year for you. I am sure it will get better. You are very lucky to have your grandchildren living so close.
    That carrot cake looks fabulous! I’d love to have a piece right now!

  13. Thank you all, so much for your awesome comments...will visit all your blogs to check out your latest posts! Hugs,

  14. Elisabeth, change, change... I had to let go of a major Easter thing, HAM and eggs and I went crazy with it, I bought a huge Cook's ham, took it apart and we have been having ham in various ways. Turkey completely replaced the ham with becoming the perpetual guest for the holiday meal. I wouldn't want to do it again, making a big meal for so many people, but it also means letting go of what you always had. I am glad you found comfort in the change, for me this last Easter was one step closer to old age and being told where to go and what to have.