Thursday, April 19, 2018

Linguine and Clam Sauce

As you have noticed it by now, my most favorite dish is 'seafood', and of course Chicken...and more chicken ...not to advertise it, but that is the actual name on my PINTEREST board! Here, in S. Florida we get the freshest seafood from our local fish stores, and supermarkets, but better yet, just go to the docks where the boats return from their fishing trips every early evening and you could have the choice of the day, and have it scaled and cleaned ready to take home and prepare your way! As for the clams...well, it is always available all year round!
 I love, love shellfish, especially clams and  mussels, which are so easy to prepare. The main thing is not to overcook them. You can't miss overcooking them, because as soon as the shells open up they are ready, which take only a few minutes. The ones that are already open when you purchase it...make sure you toss them because they are bad! All you need is a few ingredients for this simple dish and the main 'star' is of course the clams. Linguine is so comforting to go with this dish there is no other way to serve it as far as I'm concerned!

The only ingredient I did not use which I always have plenty of...fresh, or in a jar which I prepare, is the Fresno red chile...I added them separately to my dish since young children and some adults in my family do not like it so spicy. Notice my 'treasured' serving bowl with the cute flowers?...this bowl is an 'antique'...going back to 1938, 'made in the USA'...purchase at my local favorite Goodwill store from a few years ago, You would have to pay ate least $30. at a real 'antique' shop, but I paid less than $5.00...what a great 'thrift find' from someone that cherished it for decades and now I gave it a 'good home'😊

I've been subscribing to Cooking Light magazine for years, and I also have several of their annual cookbooks. You can't go wrong with their recipes and they are light...light...light, which is what we are aiming for in cooking these days. Everyone is health conscious, for looking and feeling better. Longevity, and being healthy is what's important in our life which we can achieve by watching what we eat!

For the recipe: right here...Linguine and Clam Sauce

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