Saturday, February 26, 2011

Garlic Shrimp with Broccoli

It's a Friday night, usually a pizza night at my daughter's...and if not, then shrimp night at my son's. We were all there together, to enjoy the easy shrimp dish that even the little ones like, including broccoli...and let's not forget the pasta, in this case it was whole wheat penne, with basil tomato sauce, which I did not photograph...(been done) so many time. The focus was on the shrimp, in a nice fresh garlicky lemon sauce-no butter, just extra virgin olive oil that it was sauteed in, and broccoli florets steamed, and added the the shrimp. Extra virgin olive oil wast drizzle on the top, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The sauce was the best part, to dip your bread into it. Yumm! No recipe required...just common sense, and pure enjoyment!
As I was sitting outside at Lora's house on the patio in the back yard yesterday afternoon, and just gazing at the gorgeous Bougainvillea bushes, I realized "spring is here"'s been here, in S. Florida, since the beginning of February. This is our spring season, with all the trees in bloom, all the beautiful flower bushes...I'm sitting in the midst of it...why not take a snap shot of all this natural beauty surrounding me? I got my little camera, and took some clicks...thanking God, and Mother Nature for what we have, and how fortunate we are, when others are suffering, the floods, storms, earthquakes. Never take life, and nature for granted. Every day is a "wondrous" never know what's in store for us, or our future!
The beautiful old mango tree that has been trimmed down, because it was reaching for the its glory of bloom, waiting for the summer kiss to bring forth its glorious fruit. This is all in Lora's back yard, on a sunny and beautiful Friday afternoon. Thank God, she is on her way to full recovery, from her procedure.
In the corner of the patio, I noticed that the Christmas Poinsettia is still in full bloom next to the potted aloe plant, and other little herbs, and plants. It's time to plant the Poinsettia in the ground, so it will bloom again for next Christmas. So, this was my observation of nature, and beauty, right before my eyes, that I have taken for granted, because it was in front of my eyes every day. Just take a moment, and view the nature, and beauty that surrounds you...does not have to be in "bloom"...but every precious creation has its own beauty, if you just take the time, and meditate upon it!

This is the very back yard. the screen fence you see, is the fence, surrounding the swimming pool. All the trees are in their super glory, so full and healthy. The back fence is dividing the neighbor with their two gigantic trees, that have been destroyed in the 2005 Hurricane, to the point, that one of the trees broke, and uprooted and fell over to my daughter's property, but the owner was determined to re-plant the broken tree, and he did, and it came back again...alive, and well. That's nature for you! now, I'm off to the gym, and later visiting the Greek Festival, right here locally. Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

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