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More Awards, and Norton Museum's 70th Birthday

I am so thrilled with all the awards given to me, and so honored, humbled, and overjoyed. This award was from Mina @Angellove's Cooking  and from Citra, @ Indonesian in Turkey. Mina is food blogging, from Bulgaria, and Citra, is blogging from Turkey, although she is originally from Indonesia. Both ladies are so, over the top amazing with their cooking, and baking talents that I just feel right now to be insignificant, and that I still have so much to learn. That is why we all gather together as a food blogging community, and have the support for each other, and give praise, where it belongs. Thank you my two lovely friends. for honoring me, with your lovely award!
This lovely award is given to me by my Hungarian blogger friend, Erzsebet, from Citromhab. You must visit her food blog. She is the most talented young bake that I have known, other than my own maternal grandmother, from Hungary. She makes the most amazing breads, and rolls, that you will only find, in the finest bakeries, here in the U.S. or in her native Hungary, and it will cost you a lot to buy something even similar to hers...but she puts her love, and her heart and soul into her baking, cooking, and the most amazing chocolate bon bons, or as we call them truffles. So mouthwatering is her latest one, that you would think it's almost impossible to make at home...but she did! Such talent can only make me feel humbled, and honored!
Thank you Erzsébet!
Köszönöm Erzsébet ezt a szép dijat...nagyon hálás vagyok érte!

Finally, I am sorting through my recent awards that have been given to me by some of the most amazing, and talented food bloggers. These two lovely awards, from Alisha, Adam, and Grely, the fabulous trio from
The Ardent Epicure. It is strictly a vegetarian blog, with the most unusual healthy and gorgeous dishes you have ever heard, or tasted, along with the most droolworthy scrumptious and beautiful mousse, cheesecake, and other exotic delights. I am so honored by these awards, and cannot thank them enough! Thank you Alisha, Adam and Grely!

We all know about this award, I have a long list of who I awarded this very special Sisterhood Award, received from Sandra @Sandra's Easy Cooking,  and from Mateja @Indulging Life. I especially love thie Sisterhood award, because it represents, all of us from so many different countries, and so many different cultures, fabulous dishes and desserts, that are truly remarkable and amazing. Thank you, Sandra, and Thank you Mateja. Both of you ladies have truly beautiful blogs, and I'm learning so much from all the different and beautiful things you both cook and baking. You are so talented, and wonderful friends!
I still have the original list of this Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award  if you haven't seen it, check for your name on the LIST

Last, but not least this award I received last year, from several bloggers, and this year from
Kathy@Bakeaway with me
I recently met Kathy who is a lovely lady, and she also has a beautiful blog. She mostly does the
French Friday's with Dorie, which I don't get involved with because my daughter...
Lora, @Cake Duchess posts about the fabulous Dorie's desserts, and dishes,
and so does my friend...
Lizzy, @That Skinny Chick can Bake, and also my sweet little friend from Goa... 
Mia@ Bright Morning Star. All these ladies are so talented, in their baking skills and cooking, as well! I am so thrilled and honored, and I love you all!

Thank you Kathy, for giving me this familiar award, that I really cherish, just like all the others.
If by any chance, I have forgotten other awards bestowed upon me...speak now...or "forever hold your peace"...I would not want to eliminate some generous blogger that might have given me an award, and I would be oh, so rude, not to thank them!

Also, I would like all of you wonderful blogger friends to please, HELP YOURSELF...GRAB any, or ALL, and pay it forward to whoever you would like to...or, JUST KEEP IT for yourself. I only ask one thing, just please mention who it came from, and link it back to ME!

Thank you all,  for the love and support you have given me. I wouldn't have this far without you!

Happy Birthday Norton Art Museum – Come and Have Cake!

February 8th, 2011 · 

norton Happy Birthday Norton Art Museum   Come and Have Cake!I’m judging 15 cakes for the 70th anniversary of the Norton Art Museum today – and entry is free all day. Come and get in on all the fun events – including lectures, tours and  – cake!

....and no, I wasn't doing the judging, this was from a local article!

Just found this article re: The Norton Museum's 70th Birthday Bash, in West Palm Beach which just by chance, at the last minute I attended when it started. There was a large crowd already lined up waiting to get inside, to view all the exhibits, programs, and it was all FREE....seriously, free! The admission, the cocktails, appetizers, but I don't know who ate all the fabulous cakes, 15 in all, including from my son-in-law's restaurant. I am not posting about his cake, or the restaurant, just the photos that I took, when we delivered his cake, to be donated, for the judging!
All in all, it was a beautiful event, you couldn't even drive through the main section in front of the museum. It was another gorgeous sunshiny, and breezy day, with skies so blue, that all you had to do, is just be outside, and inhale the fresh humidity, just a crisp low 70 perfect is that?!
 These are four of the fifteen cakes donated to Norton Museum's 70th Birthday Bash! from various restaurants, and hotels...aren't they amazing?

as I was browsing through the museum, a procession of young choir singers came through, so I grabbed my camera, to take a quick click. I hung around long enough to hear them, but could not see them from the "sea" of people, but they sounded like a "Harold of Angels"
one of the art exhibits from Norton Museum...I was asked by the security guard, not to use flash...don't know why, took a very nice photo without the flash!
Another beautiful piece of art, from Norton's Museum!

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